his mind so overwrought with the thought of love.
his chest was so congested with passion,
he still has a hard time breathing.
yet, she is very well trained in leaving.

"if your eyes are open
as much as your mouth has been,
then, i'm sure you will see;
something about you
has taken over me."

he chased, but never reached her ears,
she was following another one of her 'great ideas'.
no sense in reconciliation,
she was off in her own creation.

"i love the ones that love to leave.
you'd think karma would get back to me.
she'll come back, they always do.
only, it'll take a month or two.
i know that she'll be off with someone else,
i'll be here still, just by myself."

with emotions on the front lines,
he just retracted any love he had left.
a clear mind, pacing for a fresh start,
he hoped to mend his fractured heart.

"if i hold on to my broken love,
i may find a healing heart to help.
for once, i may not be left alone!
she is out there, this i know."

she would come, this he knew,
but when or how may she come through?
he barely dwelled on uncertainty,

"i know i'll find the one for me."