6:30 You dance, and ignore the careless whispers

Then the music begins to die

She holds back the tear in her eyes

And remembers the sad goodbyes

The band aid covers the wound that only time can mend

She danced with other men

But not the same as before

Why stop? Who was she waiting for?

Her guilty feet kept their rhythm

The smile that haunts her,

Why wait forever?

She wasted the time she was given

She tried to take the quick exit to heaven

She remained on earth, might as well be hell

Cursed in the existence she knew all too well

The last thing she wanted was to go home

She couldn't bare the feeling of being alone

Her wounds scar her

But this was her night, it would be filled with laughter

She would smile like it was her last night

She would dance to get rid of her fright

To make it up for every miserable night

To replace all the screams

To remove all the bad memories that happened behind closed screens

Tonight she would forget it all

This all she could to do to keep her from that fall