I'm pushed, I'm shoved, and I'm anything. Worse, it's by the people I feel familiar with, though I can't really remember them. Amnesia, they call it. I heard them muttering under their breaths about 'intruder' and 'amnesia', so that's how I figure I have it. What happened, where am I? Why am I being chained up, and how did it all start? I can't remember… of all the situations in the world…

A man from behind shoved me. "Boy, you'd better hurry it up or you'll be in a lot more than iron chains." I quicken my pace regretfully. Wherever they were taking me, I knew it wasn't good. I felt more scared than anything and I wanted to go home, wherever that was. I wished I was treated like a guest than an enemy. But perhaps I was an enemy, to them.


There's that word again; it had crossed my mind almost a million times. Shut up, brain, because it's not possible under these circumstances. I thought, shoving the word out of my mind. I almost willed myself to escape anyway, but the man who shoved me warned me that if I tried to, 'I would be in a lot more than iron chains.' Was that all he said? Honestly, I think I might just try to escape to see what those consequences are. Though it wasn't very smart of me, I couldn't think of what else to do.

Keeping a keen eye out for any possible chance of escape, I continued to walk slowly down the trail through the chilly mountains. The men had their guns out in case of 'danger', but the only danger here is me… I hope. I pretended to go with it, to let ease the guard.

As soon as he rested his gun against his side, I whipped around and kicked it right out of his hand. It fell with a loud clang on the floor and I dove for it, catching my breath as I flopped onto the cold, wet ground. At once, men surrounded me as I scooped the gun, but unfortunately the startled guard regained his cold look. He snatched the gun out of my hand and brought it down upon my terrified face. Pain seared my head and I stumbled over, my world turning black.

I screamed. I cried. The sky was on fire, and the people were running and shouting about. There were cries of children huddling together, there were women screaming as men in black shot guns of fire everywhere. Village men threw bucket of water at the guns as they were about to shoot. A blond woman with blue eyes was leading her daughter away. The girl looked to be only six.

Suddenly, someone grabbed me. "We have to run now, Onestar." My father hissed in my ear. He scooped me up and ran, hiding behind the rocks for cover. He seemed very afraid of the men in black and was avoiding them for a reason I couldn't understand.

Then he carried me out of the village and ran as fast as he could toward some sort of stream. He leaped across it and, trembling, stopped and looked back at the village he abandoned. Shaking his head, he turned tail and ran again, his grip on me unwavering.

I woke up in a dungeon, remembering only one thing from my dream: my name was Onestar. Blinking open my eyes, I stare around me. The average dungeon place: dark stalls, fire lit torches, a guard near the entrance. He had very dark skin and was dressed in a funny suit, looking somewhat like a military outfit.

"Excuse me," I whispered, careful not to startle him. He turned his head a little toward me. "Can you tell me… where am I? What happened?"

He chuckled lowly. "My, my. Son, I hear you got amnesia. So I'll help you out." Crouching, he gestured around the brick walls. "You're in a dungeon!" He laughed like it was the funniest thing in the world. Then his voice turned serious. "No, kid, you're actually in Le Culle, a little village found in north east of Mount Olympus." These names are so unfamiliar to me. Just—where am I?

"We found you just outside our border and thought you were one of the enemy's men. But you're not, are you? You could only be the age of sixteen!" I raised my eyebrows at those words.

Is it just me, or was this guy pretending to be my friend? What if I wasn't an enemy, but an enemy spy? "How do you know I'm not a spy?" I repeated my thought suspiciously, crossing my arms and shifting myself in the hay. He gave me a fond look.

"You're funny, kid. Spies…" He trailed away as the sound of footsteps clattered around the cold stone walls. Alarmed, the dark skinned man stood up broadly and confronted the newcomer. "Sir." He greeted a blond man with blue eyes. He wore the same military outfit thing as the dark skinned guy.

'Sir' looked over at me. Recognition lit his eyes. "Ah, this must be our new- comer. Greetings," He walked over to the stall I was in and stuck his hand through. I felt utterly hostile. There's something familiar about him, but I'm not willing to trust him anytime soon. Glaring at him, I slapped his hand away from me and snarled.

"Let me go, you freaks." I snapped, not feeling quite in the mood for trying to escape again, after what happened last time. He sighed at me and shared a look with Dark Dude.

"Any possible escape is not classified. And the usage of 'freak' is not classified either. You are the son of the greatest leader we had. His name was Veostar. I believe your name is Onestar." I gasped in shock. Not only he knew my name from my dream, but he was making up stories for me to like it here! Unless…. it wasn't a story. But why should I trust anything a stranger said? It wouldn't make any sense.

"Yeah, right. Son of a great leader? You've got to be kidding." Snorting, I turn my back to them and folded my arms. I felt the blond man's gaze burning into my back.

He sighed sadly. "You know… you father was like that too. Disbelieving until he got the proof. That was before he disappeared with you. We have not seen him for over a decade." I blinked.

"I don't remember any of this, remember?" I snarled again, curling my lip back with the sudden change of mood. I was beginning to feel uncomfortable from how close his words were to my dream. "Just let me go."

"We can't. I told you. If I could escape from this village, I would. Alas, I cannot." I felt confused by these words. If they couldn't leave the village, who brought me here? And… why couldn't they leave? "And, for further introductions, my name is Lakestar." He continued, interrupting my good-as-dead thoughts. This time, I turn around to shake his hand.

Dark Dude is next. "My name's Jacob. Jacob Lousky." Again, I reach out to shake his hand. Why do I suddenly trust these people? They're the ones who locked me up in this dump. I had my hand withdrawn quickly. Jacob looks up at me with surprise lit in his eyes, like he expected me to laugh at my 'trick'. Then his gaze hardened. "What, you racist?"

But I narrowed my eyes and glared. "No. Let. Me. Out." I spat each word. Surprisingly, Jacob stood up and retrieved the keys that were hanging on the wall. He tossed them to Lakestar and he opened the door, offering a hand for me to get up. I took it and stretched; it felt great to be up and about, instead of moping around like I was before. Then I followed them up the solid stone steps into the welcoming fresh air, where I opened my big blues eyes in amazement.

The village was the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen. There were children playing, women hanging up wet clothes to dry. The men chopping up firewood for the night, and were already setting up campfires. That made me realize how dark it was out, and that I couldn't see the perfect details of the village.

"Come," Lakestar gestured for me to follow him. Waving good-bye at Jacob, I hesitantly join Lakestar as he walked toward a villa. "I assume you wish to know all there is about this village." He said, "When we get to my home, I shall introduce you to my family and they will help me explain." Thoughts ran through my head. What could possibly be explained? What needed to be explained was why they couldn't leave the village. I wanted to know everything now, but most of all, I still wanted to go to my anonymous home. If I had a home. Sorrow whelmed in my chest.

Before I knew it, we were at the door of his house and he turned the knob. I heard a click and it opened, and I saw an entire family sitting at a dinner table. There was a girl, who shared the traits of her father; blond hair, blue eyes. She had to be at least six years of age. And there were twins, a boy and a girl, who had dark brown hair and green eyes. At last, the woman who was at the back of the kitchen, working away at the stove. She had given the twins their traits, brown hair and green eyes. Her hair was put up in red elastic and she leaned over the hot, steaming silver pot full of water, stirring with both hands. They were all wearing those silly outfits!

"Hello." I greeted all of them, hands clasped and bowing politely. The twins giggled as I did so and I stopped to look at them. The puzzled frown I gave them was feeding their laughter, so I shrugged at Lakestar. The blond girl, however, smiled at me and shot a side-glare at her siblings. At once, they shut up and gazed curiously at me, humour gone. "My name is Onestar." I introduced, thanking the little girl with a grateful stare. She nodded in return.

Lakestar took a step forward. "This is Celeste." He gestured to the little blond girl. She greeted me with a warm smile. "The twins over there are Bruno and Crystal, and that is my wife, Sarah." Lakestar continued, until he named each and every one of them.

"Greetings." Sarah called over her shoulder, of which was hard to do since she was cooking and talking at the same time. Celeste stood up and made her way over to the stove to help her mother. Surprised, I glance at Lakestar as if to say, 'is she allowed to so that?'

"As I said, we will discuss this later. Would you like to join us for supper?" Lakestar replied my stare, while Celeste began to set out plates. I nodded to his question and sat down in the nearest available chair which happened to be beside Celeste's. I needed to know as much as possible so I can help these people; for whatever reason they need help with. Lakestar sat down in his seat at the far end of the table, and Miss Sarah finished her mushroom soup, placed it on the table and was passing out bread to go with it. Licking my lips, I immediately dug into the soup and listened to Lakestar as he told me about the village's origins.

"You see, we are unable to leave this village because we are ruled over by a God called Zeus. There was once a council he parted in, but one by one each God vanished and soon Zeus was the only one left. As soon as he was, he warned us that if we were to attempt an escape, fire would flame from a weapon. We did not understand but kept our distance from the borders."

"Then you were born. Veostar and I were great friends, and he wished you to grow up a healthy life instead of being trapped in a village. I could not reject him so I promised that, with my whole life, I would protect you and help him with an escape plan."

"It worked, but Zeus's warning came true. Men in black came with guns enflamed with that dangerous heat, and were unaware that Veostar was escaping with you because I confused them with me and the twins. You were only six when this happened."

"When Zeus found out that you and Veostar escaped, he swore that if Veostar did not come back, he would find you and hold you prisoner here forever." I listened with a sarcastic look on my face. Yeah, right! Like an evil god would dominate a village and be a part of a 'council'. But he was not finished. "Zeus held us prisoner here for one thousand years." With that, my mouth dropped and the soup that was in my mouth spilled into my bowl. Embarrassed, I blushed and grabbed a napkin from the side.

"Wow, you must be really old!" Was the first thing I shouted. Everyone at the table gave me an exasperated look and crossed their arms, glaring at me rudely. I sidled back down, ashamed, and listened to Lakestar once again. "And, I assume, you wonder why we wear these clothes. Well, these suits give power to Zeus and allow him to control the village people. That is why everyone must wear a suit."

"Why don't you take them off if they give him power?" I questioned.

"Because they would kill us with those guns of fire if we did." There was a moment of silence. Then, "Like they killed your mother." There was another silence. I rested my head in my hands and took a deep breath, feeling like the big bang theory never happened. Okay, my mom was dead. My dad mysteriously disappeared. And I have amnesia, just remembering my horrid past with a bit of help from Lakestar.

Then, my dream began to dawn. It wasn't a dream at all; it was a memory. Men in black with guns of fire, lighting up the blue-grey sky with their hot energy. My father taking me away to the stream; that must be what Lakestar meant by the borders. And… I remember being alive for more than just sixteen years. I was a child that was one hundred years old, and my dad must have wanted what was best for me, so he chose over a decade ago to escape with me. But how did I end up back at the border? Then I remembered: Zeus was a very unforgiving God. He must have sent those men in black to find me and drag me back to this hole. Hey… was Jacob lying when he said that they found me by the border?

"There's another thing you may want to know." Celeste spoke up, her small, sweet voice laced with seriousness. "Zeus remains in a chamber that has only one way in. If you are to see him, there's no way out. You have to survive to the end." You have to survive to the end clung to my brain like a burr, concerning me. "The men in black—they'll kill the visitors if they don't have a good enough reason for visiting Zeus. They'll kill you for sure, because you're wanted like a child wants cotton candy." Dread swallowed my entire body, clogging my hearing and fogging up my eyes. It wasn't my fault that my dad decided to do a suicidal trick to get me away!

I bolt up right as a plan formed in my head. "Lakestar," I said sharply, "What happens to Zeus if you all took off your outfits? How do you do it?" Surprised at my sudden thoughtfulness, he stared at me with masked curiosity.

"If we were to take our outfits, Zeus would lose power over us. He would be punished by the other Gods, and we would be free. But…" he hesitated. "There is a hidden button in each suit, allowing the person to take it off in a time of need. We all know where they are, but Celeste cannot find hers."

I nodded. "Okay, so if the entire village took off their outfits, would all the men in black appear? It has to be all of them."

"Yes, they would all appear. We have studied down this route before, with Veostar." Now all I needed was Celeste to find her button, and I also needed to get my own suit.

"So… Can I have my own suit?" I asked, keeping the excitement out of my voice. Once I had my own suit, I would find the button and help Celeste find hers. But in the meantime, we'll have to convince all of the villagers that I had a plan….

"Er… you're sure this will fit?" I asked, uncertain as I stared at the large suit in front of me. Lakestar had gotten out his old outfit and was holding it to face me, his head and body almost completely hidden. "I mean, it's kinda big…"

"Do not worry; I am positive that it shall fit you. You are almost as big as me. And besides my point, the suit adjusts itself to be your size." Lakestar promised, smiling confidently at me as he handed the velvet blue suit over. I took it gingerly and, without hesitation, scurried down to the bathroom and locked the door before changing.

As soon as I was done, I ran back to Lakestar and said, "Okay, this is what I'm thinking…."

The next day's evening, Lakestar told all of the villagers my plan by going from house to house, cautious not to attract any attention. As I watched him do so, I sat on a tree branch that was far up; the only way I actually managed to climb was to grapple my hands on the thickness of the tree. I was beginning to feel uncertain. Of myself, of Lakestar, whom I knew was doing his best to convince them, of my plan. Most of all, I was scared. I'd never been in a war before, and I felt like I was leading them all into doom. My heart pounding a mile per hour, I watched the sun setting.

I was so out of it that I didn't even notice Celeste climbing up after me. "You okay?" She asked, following my gaze into the sunset.


She smiled sympathetically. "You don't know who you can count on? Don't know who you can trust?" She targeted that like I used to target ants. In other words, she was on the right track.

"Something like that."

"Well…" She hesitated. "You may feel like that, but there is one person you can trust. No matter what world we're in, even if others you love don't remember you, there's a me by your side."

I glanced up at the little girl telling me this. "How?"

"We're family! It's only natural."

Wait. That little blond girl from my dream… I gasped. "You're not Lakestar's daughter, are you?" She stared at me, wide eyes bright and blue.

There were unspoken words between us. Hidden relations and truths revealing in a single glance of the eye. Then she blinked and looked away, breaking the gaze. "No! You thought I was? I guess it's because I look like him. After our mother died, Lakestar took me in."



"You're never alone, Onestar. When we face Zeus together, you will see that we cannot be separated."

"Thank you."