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Artemis bent over the body and wept. He wept for everything that had happened.
Loosing his wings, not knowing where he was from and what his mission was, and for
Nathaniel, his dear little brother Nathaniel.
Aries watched Artemis and her heart wept with him. He was obviously close to
him, but how close? She watched him stand up slowly and dust himself off. He picked up
the body and walked further up the trail. Aries followed him slowly but decided not to
Artemis walked up the trail and laid the body on a flat rock on the side of the
pathway. He got some of the larger rocks from around the pathway and cargully placed
them over the body. When he was finished, he stood silently behind the grave. He looked
upward and closed his eyes.
"Lord take him up in your arms and give him wings again, let him fly with the
angels again.
Send my strength, for I shall continue on my mission." He thought to himself.

They walked back to the house, not speaking. Artemis secluded himself in his
room the rest of the day, trying to remember his life.
He sat cross-legged on the bed, his head in his hands. He concentrated hard,
trying to remember clues for how to find Nero.

~ Dream Sequence ~

He was crouching behind a rock, looking up at a massive cave. It loomed above
him, like a huge mouth in the rock. He looked around in the cave and around the
entrance, there were no guards.
"This should be easy." He said to himself, but still kept his senses open. He crept
slowly up to the cave and took one look behind him then went in.

~ End dream Sequence ~

Artemis opened his eyes. Was that cave Nero's lair? He couldn't stop the memory
now, If he was going to avenge Nathaniel, he would have to find out how to get to Nero
first. He closed his eyes again and concentrated.

~ Dream Sequence ~

The darkness swallowed him up, he paused until his eyes adjusted to the dim
lighting. There was a pathway leading steeply down under ground. There were small
candles in indent in the walls but other then that there was little light. He cautiously
walked down the tunnel, sticking close to the walls. He saw a bright light ahead and soon
the tunnel opened up into a huge main room.
As soon as he came out of the tunnel he dodged behind a bolder to study his
surroundings. On his left side there was a massive slab of rock protruding out of the
ground. It opened up into a platform on the top, and let into a cave at the back. There was
a high ceiling, and hanging from the ceiling were candles in iron cases. The light from the
room came from many torches on the walls.
There were many smaller tunnels leading off from the main room, but he did not
have time to look at them all. His mission was to find Nero, and destroy him.
He looked back at the platform of rock across from him.

"That's probably where Nero is." He thought to himself.

Suddenly he heard thumping echoing around the room and through the walls. He
listened carefully, it was growing louder now. He felt the wall behind him, and it was

"What is it?" he asked himself.

His question was soon answered. He watched in horror as thousands of men in
armor poured out of the tunnels and filled the main hall.

"Oh no!" he thought terrified, "It was a trap"

A cold voice boomed out from the high platform.

"We have a spy in our midst." Shouted the voice. "Guards! BRING HIM TO

Two guards came up behind him and grabbed him by the arms. He struggled
against them but his attempts were useless.

"NO!" he screamed, still fighting against them as they dragged him ruthlessly up
a flight of stairs and onto the platform. It was no use they had caught him.

~ End dream sequence ~

Artemis stood up; he was worried. If Nero had as many guards as he remembered,
he was going to need people, and a good plan. He was exhausted, all the memories that
came flooding back to him made him ask more questions about the things he didn't
know. He had flashbacks about his mission against Nero, but nothing about his family or
his kind.
He lay down and closed his eyes trying to put the questions out of his head and
after a while; went to sleep.

Aries watched from the doorway. She knew something was bothering him, but
shed did not know what. Ever scince they had found the body on the path, Artemis had
been more secluded and had stoppid talking. He had spent the rest of the day in his room
alone concentrating on… something. It was more work taking him In then she had ever
imagined. She needed some time to think. Aries left a not for him and went out for a
She walked up the path were they had walked earlier that morning. She rounded
the corner to where Nathaniel was buried and gasped.
Standing by the grave was a young man, and sprouting out of his back were two
huge feathered wings. Aries watched in aw. The muscles rippled down his back and
arms. She saw him clench his fists and look up at the sky. There were tears running down
his face but he made no sound.

"I wonder," she thought, "If he knows Artemis."

Aries took a deep breath and walked up to him.

"Um… excuse me," she said softly.

The young man spun around to face her; shocked. He stared at her. "Who are you,
where did you come from?" he asked

"Im Aries. I live down there." She said pointing down the hill. "I was wondering,
do you know of the boy that is buried here, Nathaniel?"


"A while ago I found another young man here earlier. I nursed him back to health,
and earlier this morning we found Nathaniel. Artemis wept for him as if he was a relative,
and he buried him here." She explained to him

"I don't know any Artemis." Said the man turning around and walking away

"No! He had no memory! We decided to call him Artemis, he was an angel!" she
called out to him.
The stopped and turned around slowly.

"WAS an ANGEL?" he asked

"Follow me." She said.

Aries led him back down the hill and to her house and went inside. Artemis was
sitting at the table with his back to them. He turned around and when he saw the man his
eyes opened wide.



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