Tell me, do you have no shame?
When you drag me down
You seem happy now

I don't want to hear your pain
All your ugliness
Laced with bitterness

My eyes are shining bright
You're all but full of lies

I have no regrets
It's a lesson learned, one I won't forget
You won't break me down
Even though it hurts; I'll take my way out
Cutting this out
I won't watch me drown

Hush now, it will be okay
Maybe not for you
But I will come through

Ask now, do you still have faith?
I won't waste my time
I won't mess up twice

My eyes are shining bright
I'm getting out this time


Let go
Stay away
I won't
Watch this rain

Keep dry
I'll survive
I'm alive


Breaking you down
Breaking you down
Cutting you out
Oh, cutting you out

Just let me go
Oh, let me go
So long, good-bye
I'm so alive