I can feel it in my soul, there's something going on

Someone's going to die as politicians tell a lie

It's coming I can tell, akin to an Earthly hell

I don't want to stay, but something's coming up the hill

Anarchy is coming

Bullets are firing

Anarchy is coming

Teargas burning

Anarchy is coming

Riot police firing

Anarchy is coming

The angels are singing

The night is young, I see your face

We run away without a trace

Let me tell you something about the world we live in:

Nothing's perfect but people seem to act like that's a given

It's your life and I understand that you wanna feel safe

But who matters more in this deathly race?

We're all competing for time under the sun

Maybe this planet was made for no one

The night is young, I see your face

You ran away without a trace

Where are you going?

I understand, the world is ending

We're all away,