7 years later

Eric stands next to me, a frown engraving his forehead as heworries.

"Eric," I whisper touching his face with my hand. "It's going to be fine."

He sighs and nods, taking my hand and kissing each individual finger, leaning on the one with the engagement ring most of all.

"I know."

He smiles and takes my left hand in his, his thumb occasionally brushing against the ring as he walks me up to the front door of the brick house.

He knocks twice, his breath catching as a greying old woman opens the door.

"Yes?" She asks, eyebrow raised.

"Mum?" He whispers hoarsely.

She looks at Eric, her face leering close to his causing my hand to automatically tighten around his. Sensing my fear and anxiousness he wraps an arm around my waist and brings me close to his side.

"Elerik?" She blinks.

He nods.


And then she looks at me, frowning.

I was less recognisable than Eric.

I had changed the most over the past seven years, my hair had thinned a little, the ends now reaching under my breasts though it was as wavy as ever. My figure had thinned a little after countless times of dieting and running with Grace though it had earned a few comments Eric. My calves and thighs had seemed to finally agree with each other and mother nature had decided to be kind and had given me reasonable sized breasts though they weren't as big as others.

Then Mrs Emerson looked me in the eyes.


I slowly nodded.

She blinked again, her eyes flicking backwards and forwards towards both me and Eric when she surprised us both by throwing her arms around both our necks and pulling us in a tight hug.

"Why-? How-? When-? I-" She stuttered, eyes brimming with tears though they continued to flick backwards and forwards.

Me and Eric glanced at each other.

"Sit down mum." Eric mumbled, slowly slipping my hand from mine as he lead his mother to the sofa.

"Lilly?" He murmured, his chocolate eyes giving me some sort of relief as they met mine. "Can you make some tea?"

A smile pulled up the corner of his mouth.

I smiled and nodded, shutting the door behind me as I went into the kitchen and reboiled the kettle.

One sugar or two? Two would probably be best in this situation.

I bring the cup of tea in for Mrs Emerson and sit on the armchair next to the phone's handset though the phone is misplaced and watch Eric intently, swallowing nervously and fidgeting and playing with my skirt.

And then my eyes lock on the kitchen, the very place where the decisions to begin our new life really began.

Eric's hand catches over my fidgeting wrist and holds my hand gently, my eyes flicking back towards the familiar warmth of his own brown ones as he smiles tenderly at me, his other hand occupied by Mrs Emerson's own. By appearance it looks as if she's holding onto his hand for dear life, as if she might lose him again. Her other hand raises the china cup of tea to her parched, slightly wrinkled lips and takes a long savouring sip.

"Where's dad?" Eric asks quietly.

She stops the cup mid-air and looks at him.

"At work."

He frowns.

"He works from ten in the morning till six at evening. That's why me and Lily came over this hour."

She puts the cup down, swallows and shakes her head.

"A few years back he lost his job and he worked here and there. He signed up for a postman eventually. He's worked there ever since."

Eric nods once and turns to the coffee table, assigning him with the task to stare into space.

"What did you do once you left?" Mrs Emerson inquires awkwardly.

"We stayed with a friend," He murmurs, his body tense with the uncomfortableness of lying.

We can't say we stayed with his uncle, that would be the biggest scandal yet.

"For a while," He adds and then swallows. "Me and Lillian moved out and went to college. I graduated recently and she's taking a writer's course soon. She'll graduate in about two years."

"A writer?" Mrs Emerson says, eyebrow raised, reminding me of her old, strict self.

I nod.

"Journalist to be exact." I reply softly, Eric's hand squeezing mine.

"Where did you get the money to enter college and run away?" Mrs Emerson says a little firmly, a little of her self esteem gaining.

"Lifetime savings," He nods. "Mine to be exact. Lily couldn't help but lend in," He gives me a criticising stare but I just ignore him. "And our friend lent us some money."

She frowns at that but remains silent.

She had learnt not to intefere in two stubborn teenager's lives. Young adult's still weren't an exception.

"Why have you two come back now?" She asks.

Me and Eric glance at each other.

"That's why we're here." Eric says quietly.

Slowly he raises my hand and bends my knuckles, the jade protruding like an enormous boil from the silver band on my finger.

He swallows nervously.

"We're getting married... and will soon have our own baby."

Mrs Emerson just continued to stare at us.


And that concludes Lily By Lily till the 'possible' sequel.

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