Synopsis: Faith Cadence grew up being superbly talented, winning shows and awards left and right, getting the best parts in school musicals and going on to form her own alternative rock band "Teen Spirit". She finds little pleasure in singing songs she hasn't written herself, but her songs actually amass more profit , thus she is given full free artistic range. She has a debilitating crush on a local football player, Ronald Hammer, who is a player and a class A jerk. "Spirts'" drummer, Alfonz 'Fonz' Bertoli loves Faith but faith doesn't notice until her heart is broken by the moron jock.

~*~ CAST ~*~

Harmony Cadence: (Faith's mom)

Jethro Dean 'J.D.' Cadence: (Faith's dad)

Faith Cadence: (second guitar/vocals)

Ronald Hammer:

Janice Quinn: (the other 'girlfriend')

Alfonz 'Fonz' Bertoli: (Teen Spirit's drummer)

Nikolai Abelev: (lead guitarist/vocals)

Bernadette Tremblay: (keyboard/vocals)

Leon Malcovitch: (bass)

Lanfen Ting (percussion/odd instruments)

Scene 1—Suspicion

Faith: (strumming her heart out and singing Little Cricket) Ever since forming my own band, Teen Spirit, life has been a bit, (laughs lightly) hectic to say the least. At first, I wasn't singing my own songs and Spirit fared pretty well in the cutthroat realm of entertainment. I wasn't much of a fan of that, so I suggested to my managers, aka, dad and mom, that perhaps writing my own songs would be adventageous for the success of the group. Now we have a steady following of fans and even our own Youtube page. It hasn't always been easy. But as mom and dad always say, 'no noble deed that is worthwhile is ever easy'.

(After the concert, Faith is positively enervated.)

Nikolai: Full house tonight ! I just got word from J.D.. After counting our total ticket sales, we made more money tonight than ever before.

(He high five's Faith)

Lanfen: It's all thanks to you, Faith !

Bernadette: Yeah ! You rock, chica !

Faith: (bashfully) Thanks, everyone. But you know, we're a unit, a team !

All of us together, we entertained our loyal fans. And our hard work paid off.

Leon: Quite literally.

Alfonz: Hey, Leon. Have you seen JD around ?

Leon: No. Last person to talk to him was Nikolai.

Nikolai: (nodding) Yes and he was busy making certain all the earnings were counted properly and put in a safe place.

Bernadette: (hugging Faith from the side) For Faith's college fund.

Faith: Despite all this moving around, I'm doing fabulously in my courses.

Lanfen: What about Ronald ? How does he handle you being so far from him ?

Faith: (a bit sadly) I don't know Lanfen. I haven't heard from Ron in such a long time. He's been sort of distant the last I spoke to him via Skype. I have my suspicions there's another woman in his life.

Bernadette: Woman's intuition ! When did he start acting aloof ?

Faith: (sitting down on a bench not too far from 'Spirit's' trailer, Bernadette and the rest of the gang are hanging around close, but the girls are right next to her, sitting down beside her, Bernadette places her hand atop Faith's) I just noticed it.

Maybe it's the distance. Maybe I'm reading too much into it. (frustrated) I don't know, Bern ! I just feel something's not right, like he's keeping something from me.

Lanfen: Hey, cheer up, Faith. We'll be performing a concert in Ron's hometown. You two'll be able to sort something out, I'm sure of that.

(hugs her lovingly and the scene fades to black)

Scene 2—Suspicions Confirmed

(Scene fade in, sunrise coming in over the horizon. As Teen Spirit travels to their next destination, 'A Beautiful Day', Faith stretches and yawns and the sunlight hits her face in such a way she looks angelic. There's also a rather spectacular lens flair caused by the shot as well. Helicopter POV going outside of the tour bus as it travels to its next destination. As the song ends, Faith exits the bus.)

Harmony: Faith, honey where are you going ?

Faith: Oh, just to see Ron. I called and he's home. Thought I'd stop by and catch up with him. It's been such a long time since the two of us went out on a date. I've missed him so much.

JD: You be careful with that boy, Faith. (shifty eyed) I don't trust him, and come to think of it, I just don't like him much. Guy gives me the chills. (shudders audibly)

Faith: Dad, you know Ron's a good young man. He's a star athlete. Besides, if anything were wrong I'd feel it here. (pats her gut) Everything's a ok. You'll see.

Harmony: Alright, sweetie. Just be back in time for dinner. I plan on taking everyone out tonight for a change.

Faith: Awesome ! Something to look forward, definitely. (Faith enters her car, and turns on the radio, which is playing "The Wind of Change", which she sings along to until she arrives at Ron's house)

(She's about to get out of the car when she hears some commotion, laughing and some seductive dialogue as well as some erotic noises. She stays down in her car and sees a cheerleader leaving Ron's house, hair mussed up and makeup smeared. She fights back tears and waits until Janice leaves.)

Ron: (picking up his cellphone) Hey, babe. This is the Hammer speaking. (rather suavely) Ready to get nailed ?

Faith: That's the lamest pick up line I have ever heard, Ron.

Ron: this ? Do I know you ?

Faith: Know me ? I'm standing right in front of you, imbicile !

Ron: (eyes turn toward her) Oh, crap. (hangs up phone and starts heading back inside, and she rushes to the door, blocking it)

Faith: (seething) I don't think so, you no good, two timing man-slut.

Ron: (scraping for an excuse, and becoming desperate, almost manic)

It isn't what you think !

Faith: (scoffs) You must think I'm blind and deaf. Ron, I'm not an idiot.

You could've told me we were having problems rather than going behind my back and screwing some other girl.

Ron: (getting angry) Janice was interesting, and at least she put out ! You're too much of a prude, Faith.

Faith: You know what...Have fun with that little whore. We're through. Done.

Who needs you ! (storms away, crying, and heads home, past everyone, weeping bitterly)

Bernadette: Your intution was right, wasn't it ?

Faith: How could you tell, Bern ?

Bernadette: (hugging her) It's all over your face, honey.

Faith: I know something that will help me feel better. I've been (short laugh) inspired, so to speak. Gather everyone together...I have some songs I want to write and perform tonight.

Bernadette: On such short notice ?

Faith: Muse isn't something to be trifled with ! (wipes her tears, sniffles and composes herself)

Scene 3—Vendetta Through Music

(A newer version of Soft Cell's Tainted Love plays in the background as she writes her new songs. Quick transition to Teen Spirit singing 'Caged' and 'Shattered', which devoted fans languish and cheer exhuberantly for.)

Leon: There was quite a bit of anger in those songs, Faith. But I like the change of sound. Seems like our fans did too.

Faith: (drinking some water to rehyrdate) It was good catharsis, Leon. Personally I think the entire band needed it. We were all a bit stressed, I think.

Lanfen: I'm just glad you're over that two-timing loser jock. What a moron !

How could he do something so idiotic ?

Faith: I'll never know, but he's gone now. (pauses for a moment) Is dad counting ticket sales again ?

Nikolai: Yes. Last I checked at least. Your mom said we're all going out to eat.

She didn't say where, though.

Lanfen and Bernadette: (wriggling fingers) Ooooo, mystery !

(They tickle Faith and cause her to laugh a bit)

Faith: Alright, alright...cut it out ! (chuckling)

Harmony: Come on, everyone. JD's about done with ticket sales for tonight.

Seems we did even better than last time.

Fonz: (exhuberantly) Rock on ! (high fives Faith, and then smiles at her gently, to which she blushes somewhat)

Nikolai: It's all thanks to Faith. Without her breakthrough songs, our turnout wouldn't have been so large.

Harmony: (smiling from ear to ear) You know I am proud of all of you. You know Faith's my first born, but you're all my kids and I love you dearly. This money is going to help so many people who are less fortunate.

Fonz: All for a good cause, Mrs. C.

JD: (joyously) Alright, who wants to go to Dave & Busters ?

Lanfen: No way, for serious ?

JD: We have some leftover cash. What better way than to use to celebrate !

(Scene fade)

Scene 4—Love In Front of Her Nose

(Raise Your Glass plays as the group has a blast eating, 'wrecking' their bumper cars and having dance offs playing DDR.)

Bern: Best two out of three, Faith. I wasn't ready !

Faith: You're just jealous because I have better rhythm than you.

Lanfen: (snarky and playfully) Oh, SNAP ! She got you good, Bern.

Bern: You'll be next, watch yourself. Girl's got mad skills.

Fonz: How about I give you a bit of a challenge ?

Nikolai: (observing astutely) Ah, a co-ed challenge. This should prove entertaining. And honestly, I put $5 on Alfonz to win.

Faith: (gaining confidence) Oh, it is so on, Fonz. You are going down, and I mean straight downtown, all the way down. So far down your progeny will be talking about my prowess for centuries ! (hands on hips, striking heroic pose)

Fonz: (raised brow, quizzically) You think so, hmm ? We'll just have to see about that.

('They dance to 'Cartoon Heroes' and tie.)

Nikolai: I'll be darned.

Fonz: Seems as though we are evenly matched, young Jedi Knight.

Faith: (laughing) Indeed. (smiles) Well, that was fun. I'm going to go outside for a bit. It's like a Turkish bath in here. (blushing faintly)

(Fonz follows her)

Faith: (looking up at the stars and the moon)

('I Am Love' plays in the background)

Fonz: Faith, I had no clue you could dance that well. Your talent never ceases to impress me.

Faith: Oh ? (scoffs a little) I bet you say that to all the ladies.

Fonz: (walks over to her and holds her hand, to which she blushes darker and lowers her head bashfully) I'm not that type of guy Faith. I didn't want to say anything before, but even before Teen Spirit was formed, I couldn't take my eyes off you. From the way you present yourself to your very essense, I found myself inextricably drawn to you. And now I can't pull myself away. (squeezes her hand gently)

Faith: It's a bit too soon for me to fall in love with anyone just yet. My heart hurts still.

Fonz: (lightly strokes her arm) It's alright. I understand that. I will give you all the time you need. Let's first build on what we have now. Friendship.

Faith: (narrating) Looking into those dark eyes of his, I knew Fonz could do me no wrong. He was honest, forthright, and true. We had been friends much longer than I had ever been with Ron. Ron was a learning experience, but I would never return to the pain and mortification he had caused me.

Fonz: You will always have my heart. That is never going to change. And no matter how long it takes, I will wait for you until I have earned your heart and your trust.

Faith: (hugging him) Thank you for understanding. (winks) I think you just gave me the highlight of my night.

Fonz: (pats her shoulder) You are my highlight. Every single moment. If you forget, I'm going to remind you. So, watch out, Ginger Rogers !

Faith: (chuckling, and she gasps lightly as he opens the door for her to return to the eatery/amusement park) Ah, how gallant. Intelligent, goodlooking, and polite. There may be hope for you yet.

Fonz: (jokingly) Oh, ha ha, Faith.

(Scene fade)

Scene 5—Embracing The Future

(5 years later appears on the screen. Dance Like Jagger is playing in the background while Faith and Fonz dance merrily to their wedding. The band members are enjoying a respite from playing as they thrill to the festivities and savor the succulent wedding feast.)

Faith: (narrating) Sure, Teen Spirit didn't reach the top of the Billboard Chart. But that isn't really what any of us were intending. I realized what was most important, and it had been under my nose the entire time. Alfonz had always loved me and I can't possibly imagine a life without him. Of course, Spirit is touring but only occassionally. I don't know what the future will bring, but with Fonzy by my side, I can do anything and God will carry us through no matter storm or sunshine on the horizon.

(Fonz twirls Faith around and kisses her passionately on the lips while both families enjoy conversation together, beaming and boasting about their kids. There is no audible dialogue here but soon, 'The End' appears in musical score. Faith's final piece 'Forever After' plays as the credits roll.)