Let Me Speak

Let me speak of the world,

Let me make you see,

Life is not what it seems to be,

Here in our world you could die for the color of,

your skin,

your religion,

your sexual preference,

How much money you have to spend.

Our world is not free from sin.

There is goodness too but,

we hide behind it.

Even though we won't admit it,

We just don't want to see.

A baby is born, that will someday die,

Hey that's how life really is,

But very few see the world for what it,

can be.

We walk though this world

most of us,

Just a member of the populist,

Not knowing that everything, everyone does will affect the future.

Our actions are echoes in time,

Our echoes, even the smallest will,

effect time's line.

Our lives are just grains of sand

in the universal hour glass,

The eternal hour.

Time went on before us,

And so it will, long after were are gone,

Instead of making the most of it,

We waste it.

Children die for no reason, except the guy felt

like it,

I've seen at least 7 people die before the age of


For every on person you see

two are dead.

Hey that's life,

Hearts made of lead.

You must live everyday like it is your last,

But you must think of everyday of your grandchildren's lives.

Our time will not end with a holy divine end.


will end our time here.

We receive what we send,

The human race, as a whole,

We think we are almighty and godly.

But then again our rules say we are not one race,

We are the beast barbarians of the world.

People say we are the first species able to change what surrounds us,

Yes they are right, but I think destroy is a better world,

We are slowly killing the world and everything in it.

We kill be because they are different.

I can't tell you the warm and fuzzy things,

Even though you think I should,

Now is the time for the world to stop being blind,


I will not hide,

I will not be blind, to life.

So let me help you see,

Let me help you see the truth,

Let me help you as you help me,

Let me take your hand

Let me be your friend,

Even if you don't agree with me, just please

Let me speak.