She Was Gone

She was gone with the dawn,

Some that saw it said it was beautiful,

Others said it was a terror to see,

But we don't know the truth.

She was trapped in puppet strings,

She wore a mask,

She did what she was supposed to do,

A good little girl she was,

A perfect porcelain doll.

Her smile was painted on,

So others couldn't see her pain,

Her eyes shined, she made them

So others couldn't see her empty soul.

She loved all the world,

She wanted others to see,

What the world could be.

But the world didn't love her,

She was invisible to them,

Like the silence of the wind.

She climbed mountains of dreams,

Swam in a pool of liquid molten silver tears,

No one saw her cry,

She did everyday.

Slowly her soul died,

It is still dying now.

She wanted love,

She wanted to feel the touch of it on her skin.

But she wore her mask too well,

Her painted smile too grand,

But she still loved all the world,

She didn't want to disappoint it.

She was a brilliant child,

Of light and dark,

Some came close to stripping the mask from her face,

But she pushed their hands away with lies.

So the dawn came and the world awoke,

Some that saw it said it was beautiful when she broke her strings,

And her soul flew high,

Others who saw it said it was a terror,

As she was engulfed into darkness,

But it really didn't matter how they saw it,

She was gone.