The Last Hour

The blistering, boiling, blazing sun

Beating down on the endless, eternal sand

Rising and falling

Forever racing to the horizon

But sill marching on

This world is still and silent only

A rough humming from the trucks breaks it

We do not have any words to say

We have said them

We have joked about getting

Icy cold beer

To cool us from this unyielding, unrelenting heat

We joked the we have to wait only a short time

Only two to three years

A movement to the right!

No nothing there

Another cruel joke the desert plays

Death's dark icy hand

Resting on all our shoulders

It has been there

Ever since we marched off the plane

Good soldiers marching proudly off the ramp

Boxed up going back on

Covered with America flags

Bodies next to letters

Loved ones hearing that they are okay

To be bold

Be brave

That they will be home soon

Back to backyard cookouts

Back to home

Back to them

Coming back soon

But so painfully soon

Coming home in bits and pieces

Or bloated from the cruel heat

We all know this cruel sick joke

We have heard it every day

It hasn't stopped

It hasn't gotten old

Movement again! To the left this time

No the desert laughs again

But at least it is a better view

This infinite desert

It is better than the bodies

Boiling and bloated lined along the road sides

They blur together

A sad, sick, stream of death

Death's artwork to us

When I look at them I can no longer

See the difference

Between friend or foe

Woman or man

Adult or child

Now just one body

Just one life or is it death

One soul

The explosion shakes the world

Chaos it here

My ears are buzzing maybe


The dust in the air is blinding

But the there are shouts, screams

Death is not longer silent

It is here

Shouts and explosions

Tasting the dry hot sand

Breathing it down

It is day and night

They have blended into one

It is so dark

But I still feel the heat

Coming from the scorching sun

I smell smoke and it is fill me

I can't breath!

I can't help it I scream

But only a horse weak whisper

Escapes from my dry cracked lips

So I crawl

But I can't move

I pull but my legs aren't moving

Then I am hit with blinding light

When I see the world

I wish for the darkness again

I am still inside the truck

They are fighting outside

But I can't see who is winning

Blood clouds my eyes.

I am inside a burning prison

Do they think I am dead?

Am I?

Then I feel the pain

It is icy hot fire that burns up my legs

I am burning

Am I crying or

Is it blood streaming down my face?

Then I realize the screams are coming from me

I look around the others

Are here

They are already dead

No they are still alive

I can hear there moans

I am watching them die

One last cruel sick joke

But is it Death or the desert

Playing this one

Our bodies next to our letters

The biggest joke of all

Then I hear a hissing

Feel a burning heat