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Charisma: A skilled shape-shifter that leads the life of an animal since society will not accept her. Why is she called a demon when all she does is live a secluded life? Main character.

Zyphr: An ordinary crow just trying to get by and live another day. With a faulty wing, how is he to escape the deadly predators of the dark? And what if there's more to him than it seems? Second main character.

Maddison: She looks like an ordinary tabby, but really, an evil vodoo cast her a spell. She used to be human. Now she searches for a cure... Third main character.

Lacey: A small white terrier house-pet. Why did her beloved family disappear? She is now desperate for her family... And not to get caught by the animal control...

Q-22: A male black bear with a temper... But behind that temper, there is s soft bear that just wants to be loved.

Two emerald green orbs gleamed in the darkness as a dear bound past, followed by a fawn and a buck. Still, the shifter was completely still, her ears pricked. Once the buck approved, the fawn began to feed on the soft grass, and the doe watched over them.

The force that was hidden in the shadows gave them one last glance before scaling a nearby tree in complete silence, and strode gracefully out onto one of the outstretched branches.

The bucks ear twitched, but to Charisma's relief did not notice her. Descending to her belly, the lavender and black creature made her lean body un-moving again. Her long agile tail hung over the side of the branch, the end swishing lazily as the silky long-furred tip swayed in the breeze.

Her prey was pitifully unaware that the predator was above them. She would wait as long as she needed to for that doe to lay down. That was when she would strike. Her retractable claws retracted in and out, digging into the soft bark of the tree multiple times.

The fawn lied down close to its mother who was still chewing on the moist grass. The buck trotted away, off to get some water, Charisma guessed.

20 minutes...



1 hour and 37 minutes passed until that doe lay down. Perfect... Charisma purred to herself. The buck wasn't around to impale her with his sharp horns or hooves... This was the best time to give chase... If she even needed to.

Without warning a sleek creature with a lean frame dove from the branches on dug her claws into the does sides. The doe reared her head in pain while she tried to stand. Charisma ripped at the female deers sides with her dagger-like claws, and in no time the mother was dead.

Charisma gave a look of sympathy to the dead creature. She really didn't like killing. She didn't. But she had too. She said a word of thanks mentally to the Lord and ripped a tender piece of flesh from the doe's side and snapped it down with two clicks of her powerful jaw.

She continued to feed on her game until there was about half of a carcass left. With her paws and muzzle bloody, she circled the deer. She didn't want to waste it... That would be like wasting a life... But she herself wouldn't need more food for at least two days.

The Carrion crow hopped along the imaginary path he had plotted in his mind. Food... food... The word seem to echoe through his head, bouncing off of every nook and cranny of his brain. He spread his wounded wing painfully.

Small clumps of blood clung to the thread-delicate feathers. He sighed and brought his wing back to his side.

He continued to hop along the "path", and to his great pleasure, came across a raspberry Busch. Her pecked at one as it fell to the ground. He hungrily gobbled the sweet-sour delicacy. He ate another. Then another. He was a bit disappointing to see most of the ripe berries were gone. Still hungry, he continued on in search of more edibles.

Charm (Charm is Charisma's nickname, just BTW.) pricked her ears and raised her head. There was another creature around. Its shallow, fast and soft heartbeat was intensified by her superb hearing. She triangulated (Yes, that's something owls do.) the exact location and turned to face it.

Zyphr broke away from the bush and into a clearing, and fell strait on his back with his wings fanned out in shock. A large, dangerous looking creature stood defensively in front of a dead deer, her prey, Zyphr assumed.

Charm relaxed her tense muscles at seeing it was only a small crow. Zyphr slowly opened his coal-like eyes. "Y-your not going to kill me?" He asked stupidly, like it was a request. Charms tail twitched. "Of course not," She said in a warm tone. Zyphr slowly got to his talons and cautiously eyed her prey.

Charm followed his gaze and sighed. "You can have it," She offered, getting up and nudging the doe toward the crow with her muzzle.

Zyphr stepped forward carefully. Once he was sure that the odd looking creature wasn't going to turn him into a meal himself, he dug his beak in and began to eat hungrily.

"Maddison, I cannot bear to see you suffer," The lady cackle as she gently drew a cup to the young girls lips. Maddison was too weak to protest, and let the concoction slide down her throat. Soon, her eyelids grew heavy. Heavier and heavier until it was a struggle to stay awake.

Maddison soon lost her battle and fell into a very deep sleep with the white-haired lady watching over her as she took the transformation...

The jade eyes of a small slender tabby shot open at the sound of footsteps. Her dark brown pelt melted in with the darkness as she quickly darted under a large piece of cloth. She watched the pair of black leather shoes stride past her, then she made her break.

She dashed from under the cloth, out the open door, through the lawn of dying grass, across the street, and into the woods without breaking a sweat, though she was panting slightly.

She kept her head lowered and continued on slowly. She didn't know how this whole "forest" thing worked. She was a human, for cry it out loud. She didn't know the dangers that lurked behind every shadow. She also didn't know that there was intelligence out there just as capable as humans...

She yelped in pain as too fangs sank into her flank, and a burning liquid was inserted in her veins. She writhed on the ground, the venom of the Copperhead already starting to immobilize her. Her vision slowly began to go dark as a burning sensation filled her lungs. The penny-colored snake stalked over her, ready to stake his claim...

Charm dashed away from her game quickly, leaving the black bird a bit confused. He hopped after her, painfully fluttering his wings and gliding for a few moments before tumbling to the ground.

Charm leaped from behind a bush and impaled the Snakes back with her deadly claws while using her jaws to snap his neck. "No more killing for you, pest!" She hissed, turning her emerald gaze back to the quickly-fading feline. Her fangs shone like pearls as she inserted them into the wounds, sucking the venom from Maddison's bloodstream.

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