Friday, October 21, 2011

10:40 PM

Racing down a dark alleyway, I can hear my pulse throb and jump in my chest. Adrenaline courses through my viens.


Was that a gunshot?

My arms pump faster, sure that the barrel of the 30-6 had been pointed directly at me.


Pain spreads through my body immediately, and I fall to the ground, a combination of black and red edging my vision.


It's a remarkable thing, really.


Sinking into the dark abyss that is unconsciousness.

Am I dead?


I hear voices.

Angry voices.

Loud; Clear; Angry.

"She's dead, damnit! You fucking killed her! What the hell, asshole?"

"What? You said 'shoot her down'! What did I do? I fucking shot her the hell down! What the hell do you want from me!"

"We were supposed to leave her in tact, you moron!"


I stand, wobbly, feeling the wound deep in my back, and the wet, sticky red liquid called blood dripping down my spine.

Black once more.

This time, though; I don't wake.