WARNING: Me writing limericks. Sorry, I don't know how to spell that, and Notepad doesn't have a spellchecker. Anyway, yeah. This is the sad attempt at me trying to write poetry. Not the Emily Dickenson type of poetry, but still. You have been warned. (And also be wary of my spelling.)


There once was a woman from Spain

She hated to stand in the rain

One day she slipped,

And did a back flip,

And then she was in great pain./

Didn't you love that beautiful poem? Oh, really? Well, heere's some more to satisfy your wonderful poetic needs!


There once was a viking named Jerry

He really wanted to poke Harry

He jabbed a tease,

Gave a sneeze,

Then Harry punched poor Jerry./

Didn't that wonderfully rhymed poem teach you a life lesson? Here's some more to teach you philosophy.


There once was a piece of bread

It honestly hated the spread

It grew a pair of wings,

Ate some onion rings,

Then flew off to its bed./

I know what you're all thinking right now: What kind of spread was the piece of bread talking about? Find out soon in the next chapter of "If You Dare..."