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Still Doll Chapter 1


There are times when she would smile. There are times when she wouldn't. But now she just wanted some time to think.

Eugena walked towards the rusty staircase. The house was already rundown. It was already rotting when its last owners had gone. The house used to be a mansion; now it was in ruin.

Eugena made sure her steps were quiet. She was trying to concentrate. She sat down on the staircase then closed her eyes.

She can just hear the others whisper around her. The whispers weren't about her. That was good. But then it began...

"She's so lonely..."

"I feel sorry for her..."

"Her father..."

Eugena knew what they meant. She hugged her knees. Her long blonde hair covered her crying face. Her falling tears started staining her lovely white dress which was up to her knees. The house went silent as if it was listening to her. Crying had already become a habit for her. She knew there was no point in crying but she just couldn't help but do it.

'It was my entire fault...' she thought. 'He didn't deserve to...'

More tears came streaming down. By the time she stopped crying, her dress was already stained half red. Her hands were dripping with tears, a flowing red liquid.

"Poor girl..."

"We should let her be for now..."

She heard them say those whispers again. But after that she didn't hear whispers anymore. She heard real voices.

"Is this really the famous Vlanierre house?" a female voice asked.

"They said it was haunted." A boy laughed. "Wanna come inside?"

"I don't want to die!" The girl yelled at him. As Eugena stared out the window, she saw the girl run away. Eugena understood why they called it a haunted house. They believed it was inhabited by ghosts.

Well, maybe it was.

And maybe, she might just be one of them too...

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