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Chapter 3

Within a week I had settled into the daily life of two thousand and eleven. Paddy had thought of some excuse for me staying in the house. Something about myself being an exchange student from a small unknown village, when his mother had questioned me about electronic devices he said I was Amish. She believed this lie. I still think its disrespectful lying to your parents.

I walk out of the house behind Paddy clutching the forged documents which say I have been transferred to this school. I don't know how he got them and I don't want to know.
The school is public, just one block away from the private school I have recently vacated. I gaze across the street at the brown brick building towering above me. Annabelle frowned upon public schools, everyone in the whole entire school frowned upon a public school. Including me, and now I have ended up in one. In a different centaury.

"Uh, Paddy? You sure we can get away wearing these clothes?" I ask glancing down at my own pair of tight black 'skinny' jeans as Paddy likes to call them. I would call them 'uncomfortable' jeans.

"Sure! Besides the uniform code says black trousers, these are black and they're trousers. Simples." Paddy says.

I sigh and tug the white shirt further down in an attempt to cover the jeans and black t-shirt poking out the bottom of it.

"Don't be such a pussy. No one will even care that you have that under your shirt, and come on... Undo your top three buttons. No one does that anymore."

How things have changed I think. I follow Paddy's orders and undo my top three buttons and pull my tie down.

By this time a bell has rung deep inside the school and we scramble up the cracked front steps. I silently pray that there is no possible way that Annabelle can see me. That will make her dislike me even more.

We duck into a doorway on our left and turn up in a reception where an overweight woman is sat behind a desk with piles of paper surrounding her.

"I have a transfer form." I say. The lady doesn't even glance up from the book which has her nose buried in. I place the forms on one of the towering piles of paper. Paddy nudges me and passes me a crisp piece of paper with writing on. We head out the room; we are almost out when the lady behind the desk speaks up.

"Fix your uniform boys."

I go to fix my uniform and Paddy nudges me in the ribs. "Don't." he whispers.

"But-" I start, until I am rudely interrupted by a blur of colour slamming into Paddy.

"Paddy!" the boy exclaims rather high pitched. I glance at the couple uncertainly, were they homosexual? My father had spoken about them, they were disrespected and outcasts. I thought it was just a story, now it's a reality. I feel slightly sick at the thought and a hot flush sweeps over my body. I run a hand through my hair in an attempt to cool off or remove the sickening feeling in my gut.

Paddy finally unwraps his arms from around his, uh, boyfriend. Who turns to face me.

"This is my girlfriend, Victoria." he announces.

I almost choke on the bile which has risen in my throat, either Paddy has lost it or it is true. I finally look at the boy stood next to Paddy. To my great relief and confusion it was girl, with a boy's haircut and a long sweeping fringe. Which completely threw me.

"You're a girl!" I blurt out. I mentally kick myself for not saying something sophisticated or intelligent to someone of the opposite sex.

A blush sweeps her features. "I was last time I checked."

I am about say something more intelligent when Paddy leans over and whispers something in her ear.

"That is so cool!" She gasps grinning madly at me. I smile back. Obviously Paddy has said how brilliant I am, to cover what I had said before. The grin slides off my face. What exactly did 'cool' mean?

"We should probably get to class." Paddy says glancing round the empty hall.

"Right." I agree.

"But can't I quiz him?" Victoria asks. "To see if this is true?"

"At break. See you later." Paddy says placing a kiss on her cheek and grabbing my arm and dragging me down the hall. I give Victoria an awkward nod of my head and follow him into a classroom.

By the time break arrived my brain was fired as Paddy calls it. We had a history lesson, on World War 11. I smile at the thought that we won the hopeless war against the Germans. Paddy told me not to hate Germans anymore, and that every country is at peace except for 'stupid' Asia. I can't stop marvelling at the thought of all this amazing technology and information.

Grey clouds hang low in the sky as they threaten rain. I follow Paddy across a concrete yard and into a small building where we settle against a 'radiator' under the stairs. Metal boxes line the opposite walls.

"What are those?" I ask, nodding at the metal boxes.

"Lockers. You keep stuff in them." Paddy replies pulling a melted chocolate bar out his back pocket.

"So what do I use this piece of paper for again?" I ask waving the paper in Paddy's face, the one which he shoved in my hands earlier in the day.

"That my friend is a timetable. Learn the lessons and room numbers and you won't end up walking around looking like a lost sod." He says swallowing the chocolate bar in one go.

"Right, is it the same as yours?" I ask.

"Nah, I'm in a different room for IT and Bio, but I know people who are in the same classes. I can get them to keep an eye on you."


"Boys, how are you?"

A face appears before me and then the rest of the body appears soon after. It was Victoria. Paddy's girlfriend and someone else a couple steps behind her.

"Hey babe." Paddy says patting the ground beside him.

"Where's the rest?"

"I told them to bugger off while ninety forty was with me. They understand."


"Its true!"

The other girl sits quietly down opposite me, she has long brown hair falling past her shoulders in soft ringlets.

"Hello." I say unwrapping a twix.

"Hi." She says.

"Right quiz time." Victoria states turning slightly to face me.


By the time the bell signals the end of break Victoria has asked all possible questions some complicated and others plain simple. For example, If you are really from ninety forty who was the evil German man who shipped the Jews to camps? Adolf Hitler. Simple.

"Rachel you have IT next with Mr Kleenex?" Paddy says standing up and brushing crumbs off his lap.

"Yeah." She says.

"Keep an eye on Jack for me. I don't trust him. He could blurt out anything."

"Okay, follow me Jack." She says leading me out across the courtyard and through the rain which had started to fall. I was glad to get into the warmth of the IT block as the rain has soaked through my shirt and it has turned see through.

This one lesson was mind boggling. All the equipment and technology of the twenty-first century was amazing. I had a headache by the end of the lesson and my mind was buzzing. I was sure that by the end of the day my mind would explode, thankfully it didn't.

I walk with Rachel back to Paddy's as he is dawdling behind with Victoria. We walk in awkward silence for a good five minutes.

"You miss it?" Rachel says breaking the silence.

"Miss what?" I ask stupidly, as soon as the words left my mouth I knew what she was asking. Was I missing 1940. Why was it whenever I talk to a girl I muck up?

"Ninety forty."

"Yeah, I miss it. It's familiar."

Rachel nods and we carry on in silence, I pull my jacket closer around me as a gust of wind passes me. "So is there a school round her called St Henry's?" I ask.

"You mean the stuck up private school three blocks away?" Rachel asks

"Yeah." My voice comes out in a high pitched squeak and I clear my throat. "Yeah."

"You a private school junkie then?" she says.

"Maybe." I mumble.

She grins at me through her hair, her blue eyes flashing. "So you went to St Henry's?"


"So why do I need to know?"

"Is there any possible way to get in? I think there may be a way to get home."

"I guess so." She replies uncertainly shoving her hands deep inside the pockets of her aviator jacket.

"So?" I ask.

"We could break in?"


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