I went out to town today –
My mom and I decided
That it was finally time for me
To get a 'new look'

Got my hair trimmed
New shoes, new clothes
But oh my God!
The amount of time we took

The changes were probably not needed
'Cause I liked the old me
But I thought that maybe the changes would
Help me to create a new identity

I don't know if you know this
Almost a week from today,
I'll be leaving home
This time because I start university

The amount of thoughts that
Soar through my head
I sometimes wonder why
It couldn't be easy

I'll be leaving my friends, my family
And my hometown behind
And I'm actually EXPECTED
To start from scratch!

How do you do that
When I've spent 18 years of my life
With these people –
In class, at the movies, at parties,
Even attending every school match!

I thought it would be easier
If I myself could change
Maybe then I would feel less lonely
In surroundings so strange

As soon as I got home though
I run inside and
Look at myself hard in a mirror
But all I could see was
A stranger staring back

Soon though the similarities begin to surface
And the fact it was me
Became clearer

I guess in a way
My reflection was trying to say
That I could change my hair
And the way I dressed

But the person I was,
And the person I am
Are the same
And maybe that's just the way
I like it best…

© HalfPast12

Sunday September 11, 2011

1:40 AM