Ice chapter 5

Henry put on a wrinkled white shirt then a loosened maroon tie. He needed to look rebellious.

" Rebel look." Henry thought.

The four had been in the Gold Coast for four days and only now were they going to school. Ironically, the children was living in Southport, where the Academy was. There were two other high schools there.

Henry began messing with his hair while Drake just put on a white shirt with a pair of jeans and a unzipped Adidas tracksuit top.

Henry asked " So, Drake, do you remember your background?"

Drake answered " I'm Drake Williams, 14 years old, born in Miami, Florida to Glenda and Rick Williams. Second of four children. Nationality is Canadian-American. Grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with his mother and father. Was kicked out of five pre-schools. By the time he was 13, Drake was expelled or flunked out of 89 schools in the Greater Philadelphia area."

Drake continued " His mother thought that he needed a better form of education. Since traditional British schools were too expensive for their upper lower-class family, she settled for Australian education. Since Drake had decent grades in Science, he was chosen to go to QAHS. He had a girlfriend back home which he had to break up with about six months ago. His personality is cocky, confident and tough. His favorite color is black and he likes a variety of music, which includes rock, hip-hop and punk. "

Henry said " You and I will be in Aqua House. Cassie will be in Terra and Emilia in Ignis. Make sure to cause as much trouble and mayhem as possible."

Drake smirked and rolled his eyes. As he began to put on his clothing of choice, he remembered that he now had to ask Henry about his background.

Drake asked in a preppy voice " So, sir, what is your background?"

Now, Henry rolled his eyes as he answered " My name is Henry O'Connell. My nationality is Irish-Welsh- American. I'm 13 years old and I was born and raised in Montclair, New Jersey but I divide my time between New York City and Newark as well. I am the third youngest of six children. My mother is Ellen O'Connell and my father is unknown. I had gone to only one private school in my 10 years of education. The private school was only a week's trial and I didn't like it."

Henry continued " Despite my unpredictable, quiet, personality, I did good at school. I had no relationships with anyone prior to going to QAHS. I especially had done well in English, Social Studies and Science. I was offered a scholarship by QAHS. My mother had badgered me into accepting it. My favorite color is blue and I like hip-hop and rap."

Drake smirked and said " So, brainiac, ready to go to the nerd school?"

Henry replied " Yes, rebel, I am ready. Are you?"

Drake grabbed his bag while Henry put on a dark green winter woolen hat ( without a bobble), a denim jacket and a pair of shades along with a pair of Nikes and grabbed his bag. The two then went outside.

The two had noticed Cassandra and Emilia only a block away. Cassandra was dressed in a white blouse and short jeans with Nikes. She was also wearing a denim jacket.

Emilia had her hair in a wavy fashion and she was wearing a pair of designer sunglasses, a white T-shirt, a pink jacket over it and short jeans like Cassie and high heels.

Drake and Henry walked over to the girls. Henry had a emotionless look on his face while Drake was smirking.

Drake said " So, Cassandra and GCB, are you two ready for background check?"

Cassandra nodded. Emilia glared at Drake but then nodded as well.

Cassandra said " I'm Cassandra Jackson, 13 years old. My nationality is African-American. I was born and raised in Montclair, New Jersey but I live in Brooklyn, New York. Henry and I are friends and have been classmates since pre-K. I lived with my mom, who was a widow and my three siblings. I was a nice girl at school though I was slightly quiet."

Cassandra continued " I was very quiet but I would do what I would need to. I did good in all my subjects, but especially in Science and Social Studies. Like Drake and Henry, I was offered a scholarship to QAHS. I accepted it since my mother wanted me to have a good education."

Emilia stood quiet, staring at the three. She scoffed quietly. She could not believe that she had to work with these three. It was bad enough that her REAL boyfriend would never reappear- not to her, but to have her on this mission with two newbies and Miss Tomboy? That's just asking for trouble.

Drake said in a mocking voice " Come on, Emma. Let's hear your story."

Emilia glared at Drake and said " Bite me, Williams."

Emilia sighed and said " I'm Emilia Piero, second of four children. I am 15 years old. My parents are Freda Garcia and Dean Piero. I am Italian-born and bred in Rome. My family was upper middle-class, allowing me to attend the best education in Italy. I went to many private and international schools in Italy. When I was 13, my parents tried to apply me to a school in Australia as a "cultural" experience. However, the private school would not accept me. So a little more than a year later, when a scholarship came up for the Academy, my parents did not hesitate in having me get my Science marks up and then sent me to the Academy."

The four began walking towards the school. Soon, 10 minutes later, they were in front of the school. Drake was looking at it casually. Henry was looking at it calmly and so was Emilia. But Cassie was looking at the Academy in curiosity.

The four stared at each other before they went their separate ways. Drake, Cassie and Henry all went one way while Emilia stayed. Emilia decided to look around this geek school.

Meanwhile, with the three, they began to fit in with the other students but not too much.