Before we get started, this is not my story. This was exported from our sister site as a favor to Wolfgrowl. It's his story, not mine. Basically, it started in the Crossroads forum in the Supernatural archive and turned into a full-fledged story. All characters here are from the forum.

To my fellow crossroaders, I present the duck story!

An average teenaged male stood at the airport, location, near Lake Huron. An older teenaged male walked over.

The first one, dressed in jeans with a white t-shirt, with a black jacket thrown over it, was wearing sunglasses.

"Okay Xtops, good to see you." The younger teen murmured; they were all using their pen names as code names.

Xtops smirked as he took in what Wolfgrowl was wearing. "Are they here yet?"

"No." Wolfgrowl shoved his hands in his pockets and looked over the incoming packages.

Xtops hit his shoulder and pointed. Three boxes had just arrived, with air holes, and a faint squealing noises emerging from them.

The two teens walked over, looking oddly like Sam and Dean in Changing Channels when they're in CSI. Only Wolfgrowl was hiding a grin, and Xtops was just shaking his head as he found a security officer.

Xtops was discussing things with the security officer's, distracting them while Wolfgrowl pried the lids off.

Linnie, BookObsessor and Meggin climbed out of the boxes quickly, glancing over their shoulders as Xtops kept talking. Linnie grabbed her shoebox, which contained the ducks, and Meggin nodded.

"Let's go."

Wolfgrowl flipped open the suitcases and the three fan girls got in.

"Why aren't we staying in the boxes?" BookObsessor asked, as she got into the suitcase. Bottles of water and granola bars were stashed inside each one. If Wolfgrowl had done this before he wasn't saying.

Wolfgrowl crouched down, out of sight of security. "Because the suit cases have been checked. The boxes haven't. I'd rather not have to explain human trafficking."

Meggin and Linnie chuckled and BookObsessor nodded. Wolfgrowl quickly zipped up the suitcases, and dragged them out to the truck. It was full of stuff that looked like it belonged on a movie set or with a catering company.

Wolfgrowl hopped in the back and released the fan girls, as Xtops joined them. "Stage one, complete!" Linnie cheered as Wolfgrowl hopped in the cab. Xtops turned on the Kansas and off they went.

"Wolfgrowl I swear by Jensen Ackles if you sing one more verse of ninety-nine bottles of soda on the wall, I'll throw you out!" Meggin snapped from the truck bed. In her defense, Wolfgrowl was on verse 155. Wolfgrowl slunk in his seat, and Xtops smiled.

"At least he can sing." He commented, half turning towards the open window behind him. "Unlike Jared Padalecki."

"Do I look like Jared Padalecki to you?" Wolfgrowl asked, and flinched at the resounding "No!" from the truck bed.

"Ow." He muttered. There was a moment of silence then…

"Did you know it's illegal to drive in Alaska with a moose tied to the roof of your car?"

"Wolfy, how do you know that?"

"I'm not sure I want to know how he knows that."

"I was in Alaska with a friend, and we thought it was Jared Padalecki."

Xtops just kept driving, chuckling.

Several hours later, they were still on the road.

Xtops, are you sure we're going the right way?" Wolfgrowl asked, gazing out the window at the night.

"Yes." The other boy snapped. "My dad and grandpa are truck drivers. So I'm pretty good at this stuff. We're almost there."

"Hotel!" Wolfgrowl yelled, almost falling out the open window. "You're right, that's the one we agreed to stay at!"

Xtops stopped and ran in to book the rooms, as the fan girls crept out of the truck. Wolfgrowl jumped out, and joined the other three at the back of the truck.


Catch." Xtops tossed Wolfgrowl his room key, and the teen hurried off.

Linnie stretched, and checked on the rubber ducks. Meggin squealed softly at the thought of meeting Jared and Jensen and BookObsessor grabbed her duffle bag.

"See ya guys tomorrow." Xtops promised, and headed off, himself, the other three running off to their rooms.


Wolfgrowl twisted around to face the fan girls in the back of the truck. "Meggin, if you try to get me in a duck dame costume I will turn quite violent."

Meggin snickered at the thought of the teen in a duck dame outfit, but nodded. "Sorry."

Wolfgrowl waved his hand and hissed. "Get down."

Xtops drove in; security passed them through with no problems.

Wolfgrowl almost swore and whirled. "You three, get down!"

"Is it security?" Meggin asked, as she got down.

"No, much worse. It's Misha Collins. I said get down!" All three had come up to stare at the actor.

"He's tweeting." Xtops observed.

BookObsessor shrugged. "Didn't you pay attention to The French Mistake?"

Meggin and Linnie chuckled and Wolfgrowl smirked.

Xtops parked out of sight, and called softly. "Ok everyone off!"

Wolfgrowl hopped out of cab, as Linnie, Meggin and BookObsessor emerged, dressed as caters.

"Good luck." Wolfgrowl saluted them.

Xtops agreed and added. "Get us autographs if you can."

With that the two boys hurried off, to do who knows what.

BookObsessor used her ninja skills to sneak through the studios, until she found it. The duck pool. Unfortunately, the boy's body guard was standing there, taking pictures of ducks.

BookObsessor signaled the other two, who ran forward, pushing catering carts.

"There!" The three whistled as they snuck forward. Meggin swerved to stop by the ducks, to add hers and Linnie's to the pile. She tapped four times on the cart, to signal she'd done it. The plan was going perfectly. Until this happened. Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki walked up. Meggin broke first, squealing softly. Linnie broke next with a soft yelp. Cliff, Jared and Jensen looked over, in time for BookObsessor to sum up what the three were thinking. "Oh my gosh, it's Jared and Jensen."

The two co-stars shared a look, and ran. The three ran after them, squealing.

Cliff blinked and called for backup, and then raced after the girls.

Wolfgrowl and Xtops were drooling over the Impala, peering under the hood, examining the inside, and acting like car obsessed guys. A commotion made the boys look up and turn slowly.

Jared and Jensen ran past, chased by three girls they knew well, who were being chased by security.

Wolfgrowl glanced at Xtops and asked. "Think we've got enough time to steal the plates?"

Xtops whips out a hidden tool kit, and walks around to the drivers side of the Impala. "Screw the plates, I'm taken a door.

Linnie panted to BookObsessor, "I'm getting too tired."

"We have to keep going!" BookObsessor insisted. "Not just to catch J and J but to avoid security!"

At that moment, squealing tires made everyone partially turn. Xtops's experience with ATVs helped him in this case, as he fish tailed to a stop, between the two girls and security. Wolfgrowl was clinging to the side, the door was flung open, and he was partially in the car. Something metallic was in his hand.

"Wolfgrowl, is that one of the license plates to the Impala?" BookObsessor panted.

Wolfgrowl nodded. "I'm gonna frame it and hang it on my wall! Now get in!" He cried, crawling in the front.

Linnie cleared the side, landing in the truck bed, helping BookObsessor. "Where's Meggin?" She looked up. "Meggin this is not a kidnapping, let those boys go!"

Meggin sighed and released the actors, before sprinting forward, to jump into the truck.

"Go!" The three fan girls yelled and Xtops spun towards the entrance, his four passengers getting rather jarred.

Just then something that they hadn't seen before in the bed of the truck slid and hit Meggin in the leg. " What the? What the heck is this?

"Is that a car door? Linnie asked.

"I think it is" Said BookObsessor.

"Yep. But not just any door. That is the driver's side door off of the Impala. There's a hub cap back there to so watch out for it." Xtops said

They were speeding down the road, away from the studio when it happened. Xtops looked in the rearview mirror and his jaw dropped open. "Is that the Impala?"

"Focus!" Wolfgrowl threw his seat belt off, leaned out the window and confirmed it. "Yeah it is. Who ever's driving must have guts, it not having a driver's door and all."

Dang I knew I should have taken the steering wheel to." Said Xtops

Then Wolfgrowl froze. "I think Jared and Jensen are driving." He said the wrong thing, as the three fan girls promptly attempted to leap out of the truck.

Wolfgrowl slid into the cab, grabbed a stick, and started hitting them. "Stay in the truck!"

Xtops screeched to a halt at a red light. Wolfgrowl held on as he continued to try to keep the girls in. He looked over and yelled. "Floor it Xtops! It's the Mounties!"

Despite it taking about four hours to get to Vancouver, it took them about one to get back to the states.

Xtops slammed to a stop, sliding slightly. Wolfgrowl crawled back in the cab, and slowly, started laughing.

"That was by far, the most fun I've ever had!" He managed to get out.

Xtops joined in, until the whole truck was roaring with laughter.

"Can we do it again?" Linnie asked.

Meggin nodded. "And this time bring the boys with us?"

BookObsessor shook with laughter; Wolfgrowl was leaning out the window, gasping for air.

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