The Hotels of Outer Space and Their One Criminal

In Outer Space…

On The Hotel Cloud of Outer Space…

There are three hotels: The First Hotel of Outer Space, The Second Hotel of Outer Space, and The Third Hotel of Outer Space. The First holds something very odd: The Diamond of Time, which keeps all time together. If destroyed, it'll stop time FOREVER!

Not too far away is a criminal, who has just stolen Mercury's Bowling Ball Man and set fire to him.

"I must destroy all of outer space, not just some crazy guy from Mercury who wasn't even elected to his position."

Then, he saw the three hotels and recognized the first. Then, he remembered the story of The Diamond of Time. He had an idea.

The criminal entered the first hotel.

"Hello, what may I get you?" asked the hotel clerk.

"A room please."

"What's your name?"

"Jerry Lisome."

Jerry Lisome was the name the criminal always used in his crimes. He thought of it during his first crime, while thinking of his friend Jerry and the fact he was lying some. Therefore, Jerry Lisome.

"Alright then, let me just get your room set. This may take a while, so you can go out." said the clerk.

The criminal left and entered the second hotel. The same story was here along with the third. Then, he returned to the first hotel.

"Alright, your room is set." said the clerk.

"Thank you."

The criminal went up to his room. Then, without unpacking his luggage (which had nothing in it), he jumped out the window and returned to the second hotel and the same story was here along with the third. Finally, he returned to the first hotel.

That night, he went downstairs for a gourmet meal. He got a turkey, roast beef, hot soup, and a hairball. After eating, he was out the window and getting a gourmet meal at the second hotel. This one consisted of chicken, pork, bacon, and a gassy neighbor. After that, he got a gourmet meal at the third hotel, which consisted of steak, 2 monkeys, and 8 cowboys. Out the window, he returned to the first hotel for some "sleep."

That night, he got up, went down to the lobby, and stole the Diamond of Time. He ran to the second hotel and hid it there. Then, he went to the third hotel and went to sleep.

The next day…

The first hotel manager, Barry Daniels, came to the second hotel in a foul mood. He saw the diamond in the lobby and came to the second hotel manager, Bob Laner.

"Why did you steal The Diamond of Time?" asked Barry.

"I didn't!"

Barry and Bob got into a huge fight when, all of the sudden, the news put out a piece on Jerry Lisome on TV:

Jerry Lisome. Here's a picture. Thief. Look out!

Barry and Bob were in shock: that criminal was staying at THEIR hotels!

Just passing by was a police car, containing the criminal. Turns out, the third hotel manager, Jim Oter, kept an eye on the criminal and, after seeing the news report, arrested him.

At the prison…

The criminal was at life sentence. Barry, Bob, and Jim came in.

"Here's your bill!" they all said.

The criminal fainted.

The End