Smile and Fly, Pray and Die

The Mona Lisa smiles for the camera
But her eyebrows washed away
Like the chemicals she used
To help clean up her face

Down the drain a part of her goes
Spiraling out of her own control
Her bruises have been painted over
So that everyone can stare

Leonardo etches lacerations
And the Mona Lisa's tired
He tries to rip her mouth off
When he doesn't like her smile

But her lips tilt for the camera
Half-hearted and run down
It'll never reach her eyes
No strength left to frown

Amelia Earhart glides in triangles
Since her feet have left the ground
And flies south for the winter
With her head stuck in the clouds

Her wings have made a cage
To protect her from the world
She sails through limbo on her own
But still can't reach the stars

She'll chase the sun across the sky
But it's bound to end soon
Because she's running out of fuel
And she's going to have to choose

Will she land on the ground
Or will she fall out of the sky?
The choice has been made for her
Because she was born to fly

Mother Superior prays for peace
Her righteousness is unsurpassed
She cries, "Save the heathens!"
Before joining in the fast

She is unaware of the universal fact
Some people just cannot be saved
And those who revel in the night
Would rather be enslaved

Day after day in a brothel of nuns
She prays, saves, and slaves away
Until the day her holy heart gives out
She'll pray for the strength to stay

Hallelujah, praise the Lord
Close your eyes to sex and violence
Does it get lonely on her pedestal?
She'll take a vow of silence

Marilyn Monroe is happy to pretend
Whether on or off the screen
Thrown around from home to home
No one shines like Miss Monroe

She's aware that it's a man's world
She uses them like they use her
Wearing nothing but perfume
She causes quite a stir

But the ones who put her down
Are those who want her secretly
They'll make her sleep forever
And guarantee her secrecy

They still want her even now
In the films she left behind
And even six foot underground
There's no way they'll let her die

Author'sNote: A little something I wrote out of frustration. Each lovely lady here represents a member of my family and their pitfalls. Thanks for reading and please review.