Get up son

What? Do you think this is a game?

Do you think this is fiction?

This is reality.

You are not restricted to a frame.

This is reality.

Your story isn't decided yet.

It's fairground until death is met.

Do you think Walt Disney,

Would make a story about the world,

being torn apart by a rouge army?

This isn't a fiction book.

Reality isn't distraught and twirled.

Put down your book.

And stop wishing

So you can start doing.

This world is falling apart.

We all sit around wishing for a hero.

Yet, our disasters are turned into art.

No one cares anymore.

Everyone's gone shallow,

We all need to stop wishing,

and start doing.

We can fix It all

This isn't a story, with a fate decided.

Our destiny, we will write.

Lets brave the walk through the fire.

And see where we are headed.

Let's build something new, something catered to our desire.

Lets stop wishing and waiting,

And start doing.