Death, Scheduled.

She was diagnosed with dengue fever
and due to die within three days
but she had saved enough to buy an Enough Time pill.
Shaking from the bone deep pain already wracking her body,
she swallowed the glowing green pill.
A calm unfolded and enveloped her senses,
she stepped out from her room
to set matters in motion.
She closed her various accounts, and
passed her passwords and details to her brother.
She informed her colleagues and made arrangements
for her projects to be handed over,
taking care to ensure a seamless transition.
She said goodbye to her friends and family,
and distributed her belongings.
She whispered important last words to those who needed them
and took one last survey of her life and home.

Neatly, precisely, she stepped into her coffin,
folded her hands over her middle,
though her fingers clenched momentarily in panic,
but the pill held true and it passed, and
at the exact moment on the timetable,
her eyes closed
and she stopped breathing.