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Beach time and noisy and nosy roommates

Carla sat under a parasol on a towel and watched as Eric, Amy, Nicolasa and the two other girls from the school played in the water with a beach ball. The two girls were from Nicolasa's class and were named Jacqueline Andrews and Fredericka Neal, but they were just called Jackie and Fred. Fredericka had fairly long, brown hair and greenish blue eyes. She had a button nose, high eyebrows and was a bit chubby. Jacqueline on the other hand had a heart shaped face with black hair surrounding it and eyes as blue as the heaven. Everyone, except Carla, was now wearing their bathing suits. Carla had pulled out a sketchbook from her bag and a pencil case. She was sitting in her motorcycle suit, but she had removed her gloves and her helmet lay beside her on the towel.

They had already been there at the beach for one and a half hours and during that time both Amy and Nicolasa had asked several times for Carla to join them in the different activities they'd been doing, but Carla had declined each time, getting more and more irritated whenever they asked. The others had swam, played several ballgames in the water, and had also had a water war. It seemed that Nicolasa was really enjoying herself and Carla later got to know from Eric that the two girls from the school, that were from Nicolasa's class, had decided to try and be friends with her and had therefore come with them to the beach.

Ever since she was little Carla had always liked to draw. She didn't know why, but it always helped her to relax in her otherwise very hectic life. The same thing went for painting. When she first began drawing she had already been quite talented and since she often drew and was taught by an artist her talent had increased dramatically. But she herself didn't think that much of neither her drawings nor her paintings since she knew of many artists and painters much more skilled than her. Now she sat there on the beach and looked for a subject for her drawing, having already finished the homework for her art class and now wondering what she should draw next. There were many people on the beach today, still at so late an hour, but the day had been pretty hot so Carla had no problem at all understanding why there were still so many people there.

There were many different subjects to choose from, but Carla wanted something good, something to challenge her. Then she saw it, her subject. She started drawing, carefully drawing the outer lines and the shape of her subject, though it was a bit hard since it almost always moved around. As Eric and the others played with their ball, Carla sat there, carefully drawing. After half an hour it seemed they were starting to get bored of playing with the beach ball and Amy and Eric went for a swim while Nicolasa, Jacqueline and Fredericka went to get something to drink from a shop nearby.

When they came back Fredericka and Jacqueline seated themselves under another parasol while Nicolasa awkwardly seated herself under the same as Carla.

"So, Carla, eh, what are you doing?" Nicolasa asked nervously in her Portuguese accent.


"Oh, okay." Nicolasa relaxed a bit. "Um, can I see?" Carla sighed, but said nothing as she passed Nicolasa the sketchbook. Nicolasa's eyes widened and she said: "Wow! Y-you're really good, Carla! Can I see the others as well?"

"Whatever." Carla answered indifferently and directed her gaze out over the ocean.

Nicolasa excitedly went through the sketchbook, loving each drawing. The first she had looked at, the one Carla wasn't finished with yet, was actually of all of them, when they played with the beach ball. There were no colours, just the use of a pencil. Nicolasa started from the beginning of the book and saw many different drawings, each drawing unique in it's own way. There were drawings of people, animals and normal day like things such as pencil cases and flowers. And all of the drawings looked very professional and real, almost as if it was pictures and not drawings.

Nicolasa was very captured in by the sketchbook and didn't notice that Amy and Eric came back from their swim nor did she notice that the two girls from her class now had went for a swim on their own.

"What's happening here?" Amy asked as soon as she reached Carla and Nicolasa. Carla didn't answer, a distant look on her poker face while Nicolasa, startled by their sudden appearance, looked up at them, anxiety in her face.

She then noticed that it was Amy standing in front of her and she visibly relaxed as she answered: "Oh, you startled me. Nothing much is going on. I'm just looking through Carla's sketchbook."

"You draw, Carla?" Amy asked a bit surprised. Carla just nodded and Amy, a smile on her face, sat down beside Nicolasa and said in an excited voice: "Here, let me see, Nico!"

Carla got up and walked away, heading in the directing of the ocean. Eric, not really knowing what to do, followed awkwardly after Carla. He found her standing near the waterline staring distantly out on the ocean, her face showing no emotion whatsoever.

"So, are you enjoying yourself here on the beach?" Eric asked after awhile.

At first she didn't reply, merely staring at the ocean, but finally she replied in a slightly hoarse voice that Eric hadn't heard before: "It was here it happened, wasn't it? It was here you found me?" She then directed her gaze upon him.

Eric looked somewhat surprised at Carla, at first not knowing what she was talking about. "Oh, well yeah. If you mean that time eight years ago when my siblings and I found you on the beach, then yes, this is the beach we found you on." Carla merely nodded and resumed gazing out on the ocean, her face unreadable.

"What happened afterwards? I mean after I left, what did you do? You're not still living in the same house, are you?" This was the first time Eric felt that Carla was trying herself to converse with him without really needing to. Not just having to tell him something or replying, but actually she herself trying to communicate.

He felt happy that it was him she was trying to talk with and answered her truthfully: "Well, at first we were a bit shocked that you'd left, but I assumed that you may have had some siblings or family you went to live with. That house we lived in was just temporarily because my parents were both on a business trip and when they returned we moved into a new house in the centre of Miami. And I guess life moved on…"

"I see. But your parents, did they ever get to know?"

"About you? Well, we actually told them right after they got home, and at first they were really mad with us, asking us why we hadn't called them or tried to ask you more questions. However when we told them about your sudden departure and letter, they seemed to ease up and, after a while, forget about it."

"Interesting." Carla mumbled to herself. "What are your parents' names?"

"Marcus and Tiffany Harrison, or at least that's what they say their names are," Eric said in a slightly bitter tone.

"Marcus and Tiffany huh…" Carla mumbled to herself, forgetting for a moment that Eric was standing right beside her.

"What, you know them?" Eric stared wide-eyed at Carla.

"Not quite, but I know they're part of the O.W.J.W and that may explain why they are the ones taking care of you," Carla replied simply.

"Oh, I see," Eric said a bit sad, then he realised something and asked: "Wait, did you know that my parents weren't my real parents?"

"Well, I had my suspicions when I first met you and your siblings, but didn't think too much of it. However, in the O.W.J.W I've met many agents, two of them were Tiffany and Marcus. I met them about half a year after I left your house. It was just a brief meeting, nothing formal or anything. I just required some information and they were the only ones at that time who knew anything about it. I really started wondering after I'd met them, but never asked anyone about it." Carla said and for a moment a hint of sadness seemed to break through her poker face, "I'm sorry."

Eric looked astonished at Carla, stunned that she'd actually apologised to him. And even more because she hadn't any fault in it at all as far as he knew. Gratitude flowed through him and he opened his mouth to say something, however Nicolasa beat him to it.

"Carla!" she shouted, running up to them and hugging Carla.

"Eh?" To say that Carla was stunned by the hug would be an understatement.

"Thank you so much for giving me the courage and helping me! Thanks to you I already have five new friends!" Nicolasa released Carla and grinned happily at her while Carla just stared back at her, shock evident in her usually so emotionless expression. "I'm so happy that I met you and that you're my friend and roommate!"

Just a moment ago Carla's face had been a light mixture of shock and interest. However as soon as Nicolasa called her her friend her face hardened and closed. She just glared uncaring at Nicolasa, nodded at Eric before leaving them and returning to the parasol. Nicolasa, not understanding what just happened, looked scared and sad at Eric. Just then Amy approached them and Eric explained what just happened.

"I see," Amy said, nodding.

"I was only trying to thank her for everything she's already done for me and at first she seemed shocked, but flattered. However, when I called her my friend her face hardened and it was as if she closed herself up. Even though I've only known her for like a day, she's done much for me and I just wanted to do something for her as well." Nicolasa replied a bit sadly.

"Yeah, I too want to do something for her, but what?" Eric asked.

"I think I've got it!" Amy exclaimed and both Nicolasa and Eric looked expectantly at her. "Well, Eric you remember yesterday, when we talked a bit after I'd followed Carla to her room? When you told me that Carla didn't like people? I think what we have to do for her is simply be there for her, include her and try to get her to open more up to us by being kind and prove to her that there is people in this world she can trust. What do you think?"

"I think it's a great idea," Nicolasa said happily.

"Yeah, me too, just don't let her catch on to it since I don't know what she'd do," Eric said somewhat nervous.

"Relax, you're talking about me, what could possibly go wrong?" Amy grinned.

"The exact thing that it's you we're talking about is what worries me," Eric said sweat dropping.

"Why you!" Amy pouted. "If you weren't my best friend I'd definitely, ugh, do something to you!"

"Heh, yeah, sure you would," Eric teased. Amy continued to pout at him while Nicolasa was just watching them amused.

"Just how long have you two been friends?" She asked.

"We?" Eric asked, indicating himself and Amy.

"Who else, stupid?" Amy bit back for earlier. "Well, I think it's about nine-ten years or something like that."

"Wow, that's long. Back home I have one good friend whom I've known for quite some time, but I don't think we're even close to being as attached as you guys. You sure it's not something more going on between you?" Nicolasa inquired a bit suspicious.

Amy was about to answer, but Eric beat her to it: "Between me and this blondie? Don't make me laugh, nothing mushy is going on between us, we're just best friends and nothing more."

"Okay," Nicolasa replied, still not entirely convinced.

"What he says is true," Amy said, and eyeing an opportunity to get back at Eric's continued teasing, she continued: "Besides, Eric already has his eyes on someone else, right?" She nudged Eric in his side.

"What the? No, I don't!" He hotly retorted though his face was as red as a tomato.

"Oh, he does?" Nicolasa said curious, forgetting what they just talked about. "What's her name? 'Cause it is a 'she', right?"

"You think this fella here would go for a man? I don't think so, if so I would've beaten him up," Amy said jokingly.

"That's relieving, but there is no she either!" Eric countered, face still red.

"So it is a it then?" Nicolasa teased.

"NO!" Eric was getting more and more irritated and Amy decided they'd had enough fun with him for now.

"I won't be totally unfair to Eric so I won't tell you her name, however I can tell you that her name starts with a 'C'," Amy winked while Eric just glared at her.

"Oh, then you mean…?" Realisation hit Nicolasa and she looked surprised from Amy to Eric.

"Yep, her," Amy said triumphantly. Nicolasa shot a short glance on the person sitting behind her under the parasol, then looked back at an embarrassed Eric and giggled.

"I don't like her," Eric countered embarrassed. "Not in that way anyway."

"Noooo," Amy replied, her voice dripping of sarcasm, "just the fact that you talked almost nonstop about her the first months after the summer you'd met her doesn't at all mean you've had a crush on her since you first met, right?" Amy winked and nudged him again.

Eric's face was redder than ever and he looked very uncomfortable. "Just shut up already," he pouted.

"You're so easy to tease," Amy taunted. Eric just grimaced at her while Nicolasa giggled at their behaviour.

"You know, I'm really glad Carla introduced us, Amy," Nicolasa said amused.

"So am I, even though I've just known you for like half a day," Amy said, smiling at Nicolasa.

The two girls from Nicolasa's class, Fredericka and Jacqueline, approached them and Jacqueline asked: "What are we talking about?"

"And why is Eric so red?" Fredericka questioned.

"None of your business," Eric snapped, still mad at Amy. He then went off for a swim by himself.

"What's with him?" Jacqueline asked, taken off guard by his behaviour.

"I think we teased him too much," Amy replied simply.

"Oh," The girls both replied.

"Still, he is pretty hot," Jacqueline mused.

"Yes," Fredericka agreed.

"You two have a crush on him or something?" Amy eyed them.

"Come on, I bet almost every girl in the school has or has had a crush on him. I mean look at him, he's so hot," Jacqueline answered, watching Eric swimming.

"I know I haven't," Amy said casually.

"Well, you've known him since forever anyway and probably know everything about him," Fredericka defended.

"Still, that could also prove as a very good cause to fall in love with each other." Jacqueline pondered.

"I guess you're right, but still…" Fredericka answered.

"Well, just don't get your hopes too high 'cause I think he already has a girl in sight," Amy said.

"Oh, so is that the reason why he was blushing when we…?"

"Yep," Amy said smiling.

"I see," Fredericka said, disappointment evident in her voice.

"Sooo, what shall we do now?" Nicolasa, who hadn't said anything for a while, interrupted.

"Hmm, I don't know," Amy answered thoughtful. "How long have we been here?"

"I'll check my cell, be right back!" Nicolasa said and ran towards the parasol, where Carla sat, to find her cell phone.

"She is a lively girl, right?" Amy said amused.

"She sure is," Fredericka agreed. "I'm happy I'm finally getting to know her and that she isn't as shy as we thought she were."

"Yeah, me too," Jacqueline replied. "At the first day of school both me and several other girls wanted to get to know her, but we were stopped."

"Stopped?" Amy looked confused at them.

The girls looked away, not meeting Amy's gaze as Jacqueline replied: "Yes, stopped. By one of our classmates who thinks beauty is most important. And since Nicolasa is naturally pretty, she saw her as a rival and wanted to freeze her out of the class."

"Which she managed," Fredericka shot in.

"Yes, and then Nicolasa became the quiet, sad girl no one dared talk to because of her. She can be so scary when she wants to." Both girls shivered.

"But why haven't the teachers do anything about it?" Amy asked.

"I don't think they knew anything about it," Jacqueline said and looked at Fredericka who shrugged her shoulders while looking back at Jacqueline.

Before Amy could say anything more Nicolasa came back and said: "It's 18.30."

"Already?" The other girls asked incredulously.

"Yes, weird, isn't it? I guess we've had so much fun that we forgot what time it was," Nicolasa replied and smiled.

"Yeah," Amy agreed and all the girls smiled at each other.

"I guess we have to start heading home then," Jacqueline supposed.

"Agreed, I still have some homework to do," Fredericka said.

They all walked up to Carla and Amy said to Carla: "We're planning on leaving now as soon as Eric comes back." Carla nodded and started packing her bag while the other girls changed. Eric appeared right after and after he'd put on some clothes they all went up to the road and Carla's motorcycle.

"Is that really yours?" Fredericka asked astonished.

"Yeah, got it for my birthday last year," Carla replied.

"Wow, your parents must be very rich then," concluded Jacqueline.

"I guess, but it wasn't from them I got it," Carla answered simply.

"What?!" Fredericka asked surprised. "You mean you bought it yourself?"

"No, it's just this organisation I'm part of that gave it to me, no big deal," Carla replied casually while Jacqueline and Fredericka gaped at her. "You sitting on the back again as well or is anyone else 'volunteering'?" Carla looked at Eric.

"If you don't mind," Eric said, scratching the back of his neck. "Do you mind girls?" He looked at Amy and the others.

"No, not at all," Amy replied and winked at him. Eric however pretended not to see her, but instead put on the helmet that Carla handed him.

"I'll see you later then," Carla said to Nicolasa, put on her helmet and started her motorcycle. She then got on and Eric followed suit.

"Yeah, later," Nicolasa happily replied as Carla geared and sped down the road with Eric tightly hugging her lower torso. Nicolasa and the others went to the bus stop a few meters down the road and took the bus back to school.

At the bus, Fredericka asked Amy suspiciously: "You said Eric had a crush, is it who I think it is?"

"Most likely yes," Amy replied smiling.

"Are you sure it's not just wishful thinking from your side?" Jacqueline asked concerned.

"What? No, why should I…?" Amy looked confused until realization hit her. "Unless, you think the crush is on me and that I'm the one in love with him?" Both girls nodded impatiently. "No, no no! Why would you even think that?"

"So, you're not in love with Eric?" Fredericka and Jacqueline asked suspiciously.

"No! Why would I be in love with him? He's like my best fried, not boyfriend. There is a difference," Amy sighed.

"I don't think so, is there really a difference when we're talking about a boy and a girl?" Jacqueline asked Fredericka.

"Mm, no, I don't think so either." Fredericka said, thinking. Amy just looked unbelievably at them. "Of course you have those different series where a boy and a girl often are childhood friends then one of them moves and when they meet up again many years later, they automatically fall in love."

"Yeah, but then again that's childhood friends," Jacqueline said brooding.

"I guess," Fredericka answered. "Oh, but then you have those other series with the best friends who are of different sex and then…"

"Enough about that already," Amy interrupted annoyed. "If you don't believe me, ask Eric. At least hear him out before you go jumping to conclusions."

"Yeah, but everybody knows that a pair of best friends from the opposite sex have got to get together at some point," Jacqueline pouted. "Unless…" She looked worried.

Fredericka, who realised where Jacqueline was heading, finished her sentence: "Unless he's gay!"

"What a horrid thought!" Jacqueline frowned.

"Yeah," her friend agreed.

"Oh, stop it you two," Amy sighed. "Of course he's not gay, he can't be the way he looks at…" Amy realised she almost said Eric's crush's name and quickly shut up.

"At who?" Fredericka and Jacqueline asked in unison.

"N-nobody," Amy said, slightly irritated with herself for almost relieving information that may or may not be true.

"Come on," "Tell us," Jacqueline and Fredericka complained.

Nicolasa, who had been quiet the whole time, decided to come to Amy's the rescue and said: "You have to figure it out yourself as I had to, at least it's much more fun that way and then you'll have a reason for stalking Eric."

"Oh yeah, that's true!" Jacqueline exclaimed.

"Let's do it!" Fredericka agreed.

While Fredericka and Jacqueline discussed the best way to stalk Eric, Amy said to Nicolasa: "Thank you for saving my skin."

"Anytime," Nicolasa replied with a smile.

Carla and Eric drove back to the school in silence, Eric pondering over their last conversation. They arrived at the school, Carla parked behind the dorms and they both got off the motorcycle.

They walked to the front of the dorms, they took off their helmets and Eric said happily: "Thanks for the ride." Carla nodded and turned to go into the dorms. "Wait! You're leaving already? Don't you want your – eh, the – helmet back?"

Without turning around she responded: "No, just keep it. You might need it again soon." She then walked inside the dorms and disappeared leaving Eric mildly confused.

"Well, this will prove interesting to explain to my nosy roommate," Eric thought and walked inside the dorms as well. He nodded to Menaka and took the lift up to the third floor on the boys' dorm. Eric's roommate's name was Justin Case, or Just In Case as some called him. He usually was a somewhat quiet boy, but he was too curious for his own good. And as Eric walked into their room, Justin approached Eric with a determined look on his face.

"You promised to tell me what's going on earlier," he said.

"I know," sighed Eric. "So, what do you want to know?"

"Well, first of all, who was that girl and why was she here?" Justin eyed Eric suspiciously.

"Her name is Carla Reans and she's in my class. She came to ask me some questions about a project we have for next week." Eric lied, not sure of what else he should do.

"Yeah, and that project involves motorcycles?" Justin said unconvinced and stared at the helmet Eric was holding.

"Er…" Eric tried to find something to say, but nothing came to mind. "Fine," he sighed. "I'll tell you."

"Now we're talking," Justin said dryly, and motioned to the couch in their living-/dining area. They sat down and Eric laid the helmet on the table in front of the couch.

"She is, as I said, from my class and her name is Carla Reans. However what she asked me about wasn't a school project, but where the dancing academy that's connected to our school is located. She convinced me to be her guide and, since she has a motorcycle, we rode it out to the academy. That's the reason for the helmet by the way. After the guide we came back here, I got my stuff, met you and Carla and I sped off towards the beach so that I could react an appointment."

"That's all?" Justin said disbelieving. "What about yesterday, with that boy and the sword and you and then she and he and…"

"I don't know," Eric cut him off. Since Carla had just told him in private and didn't trust people, Eric decided to lie for Justin. After all, he himself was still not sure if it had been a dream or not, but when he had checked in the mirror that morning, his mark had still been there. "I don't remember much besides the beginning and end of the day. The middle is very clouded, and it's mostly because of what happened. At least, that's what Carla says, but I don't remember what happened." He stared down at his hands. Part of this was true since when he had been under the swords control, everything was cloudy and he didn't remember much.

Justin truly wanted to ask more, as he was not totally convinced that this was really the truth. However, when he saw Eric's slightly troubled expression, he decided to let it go for now and he muttered a quiet "I see" in reply.

Nicolasa walked with Amy, Fredericka and Jacqueline from the bus stop to the dorms. They talked all the way and when she and Amy stepped out of the lift at the third floor, both Fredericka and Jacqueline told Nicolasa that they were happy to meet her, that they couldn't wait to get to know her and that they'd see her in class tomorrow. With that happy thought she walked down with Amy in silence, thinking that Miami High might not turn out to be so bad after all. They reached their rooms and Amy smiled and said: "It was really fun on the beach with you. I hope you enjoyed yourself as well."

"Yes, it was very fun," Nicolasa said, giving her new friend a shy smile.

"Okay that's good to know. I'll see you tomorrow then," with those words and a smile still on her lips Amy walked into her room and Nicolasa mumbled a quick "goodbye". She then turned to her and Carla's room and tried to open it. It opened up, which was proof that Carla was inside. Nicolasa walked in and closed the door behind her. It was around seven o'clock in the evening and Nicolasa was starting to get really hungry. She decided to make some food, but then remembered Carla and walked towards her room, deciding that it might be a good idea to discuss the dinner with Carla.

Carla arrived at the third floor and went inside the room she shared with Nicolasa. She was starting to get hungry, but ignored it as she had better things to do. She quickly went into her room, closed the door and threw the helmet onto her bed, as she was for the moment was too lazy to put it away. She then sat down at her desk, found her laptop and turned it on. As the laptop turned on, she pulled out her history book and started reading on her homework. When she was done she logged into her laptop and opened her Internet browser to enter O.W.J.W's secret sites.

The Wi-Fi was already secured with a code from the organisation so that no one could trace her movements. She was done searching through the first page when someone entered into the hallway. Carla tensed, but pretended to be perfectly normal as she waited for what the unknown person was going to do. The person walked towards her room and knocked on the door.

"Carla, are you in there?" Carla heard Nicolasa ask and she immediately relaxed.

"What do you want?" Carla asked indifferently.

"Well, I just got home and I wondered, well, if you're as hungry as I am, I wondered if I should make some dinner."

"Do whatever you like, I don't care," Carla replied and went back to her researching.

"O-okay," Nicolasa said. "Um, Carla? Is there anything special you'd like to have for dinner? Like soup or pasta or?"

Carla sighed slightly irritated and said: "Just make something, like I said, I don't care."

"R-right, but we have different kinds of meat and vegetables and such and I don't know what to make," Nicolasa said uncertain.

"I don't care what it is as long as it's food," Carla said irritated because Nicolasa had interrupted her again. She tried to get back to her reading, but once again Nicolasa disturbed her thoughts.

"Or would you rather have fish? Or could it be that you're a vegetarian? In that case, what do you and what do you not eat?"

"Just. Make. Something!" Carla said annoyed.

"Then meat or fish?" Nicolasa asked. "Or are you a vegetarian?"

"I've never said anything about being a vegetarian or any of that crap! Just make something, anything! A Brazilian dish or whatever you'd like just go away and let me be alone!" Carla replied harsh and irritated.

"Okay, then it's okay for you if I decided the meal or?" Nicolasa said uncertain. She tried to do as Amy had suggested on the bus and be kind to Carla even though Carla just tried to ignore her instead. Maybe she was too noisy? No, she'd just asked what Carla wanted for dinner.

"Ugh, make what ever the heck you want to make! Just leave me alone!" Carl half-yelled back. Nicolasa, a bit shocked, backed away from the door and tried not to take it personal. After all, she knew that Carla generally didn't like people, and still she'd already helped Nicolasa on more than one topic. It still stung though. She then retreated into the kitchen to start to make dinner as she told herself that she had to be strong for Carla's sake.

Carla sat stiffly in her chair and waited for Nicolasa's step to disappear into the kitchen area. When they finally did, she relaxed and turned around to continue her research. It was a quite complicated research and when she had to start to hack into some other pages, she was glad she'd taken the hacking courses that a member of O.W.J.W had organized last summer. She hacked around the web, looking for any information that could give a hint as to what, or rather, who she was looking for.

She'd just found a very promising looking webpage when there was a knock on her door. Carla decided not to answer and instead continued to scan through the page. There was a knock again, louder this time. As she again tried to ignore it, there were several rapid knocks followed by an uncertain: "Hello?".

"What?" Carla snapped, clearly irritated.

"I-I just wanted to tell you that dinner is ready," Nicolasa replied though she sounded a bit scared.

"I'll be out in five," Carla said, still annoyed, but tried not to be too harsh.

"O-okay I'll start to eat then," Nicolasa said and Carla heard her footsteps disappear again.

As Carla started to skim through the page again, her stomach rumbled. "What? You're going to interrupt me as well?" She half-glared at her stomach. She tried to ignore her grumbling stomach as she continued to read, but after twenty minutes she gave up, sighed and exited her room. Nicolasa sat alone at the small dining table and read in a book. She was finished eating and had washed up after herself. The saucepan still stood on the table and Carla sat down, helped herself to some stew of beans and meat and started to eat at a rapid pace.

"Y-you like it?" Nicolasa asked cautiously. Carla merely nodded as she continued to eat. "I'm glad. It's called Feijoada and is of Brazilian and Portuguese origin. It's a stew made out of beans with pork and beef. You seem really hungry?" Nicolasa said, trying to hold a conversation.

Carla stopped eating and looked at her for a moment before she said: "Haven't eaten anything since lunch."

Nicolasa nodded and asked Carla: "So what have you been up to now? I mean since you've sat in your room ever since we came back."

"Just school and some other stuff…" Carla mumbled as she ate.

"Oh, what kind of other stuff?" Nicolasa asked curious.

"Just some researching," Carla said slightly irritated and helped herself to some more stew.

"Researching? But why would you need that? Is it for school or is it for something else?" Now Nicolasa was clearly interested.

"Nothing you need to know about," Carla snapped.

"Well, you have helped me. Is there anything I can do to help you?" Nicolasa said earnestly, though still a bit scared of Carla's tone.

"I didn't help you, the only reason to why I did what I did was so that I could get some sleep since your crying kept me awake," Carla was now finished with her second bowl of stew and sat and stared emotionlessly at Nicolasa.

"Well, I…" Nicolasa wasn't sure what to say. "S-still, what you said helped me and if there is anything then…" She stared down at her hands that currently lay in her lap. Carla stood up, took her things to the dishwasher and put them in. She walked to her room, but stopped, as she was about to enter.

"There is one thing though," she said with her back to Nicolasa. Nicolasa quickly looked up and turned to Carla. "Don't say anything about my researching to Eric. At least for now." With that she went into her room and closed the door.

Nicolasa just sat at the table and pondered over what Carla had just said. As she played the words over in her head, she could swear that Carla had said the last sentence with something that sounded like softness in her voice. But why shouldn't she say anything to Eric? Was Carla plotting something? And if so, why? Nicolasa felt that Carla would be a hard nut to crack, but still she somehow felt that it would be worth it in the end. Shaking her head to get rid of her thoughts, Nicolasa stood up, cleaned off the table and went into her own room to finish her homework.

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