Poem based on the mixed emotions I'm feeling about my new school, friends, and life. I used to despise it but after a few events it seems it is sort of starting to get a LITTLE better, slowly. I also used to wish for my old life back, and then this summarizes how I think that would sorta be a solution, but then I come to realize, it might be a LITTLE better, but nothing drastic. Sighs. I feel trapped in my emotions about my life right now.

I thought now I'd have it all,

Never realized how hard a fall,

It I feel like I've screwed my situation more,

Life's unpredictable,

Don't know what else is in store.

I thought the future was a distant time away,

But then came the day,

Where I had to say goodbye forever.

I never realized how much I had,

Now realizing that it makes me ,

it's wasn't perfect,

But to trade this life for that,

Would be totally worth I could go back,

I think I would,

But then I think,

Why should I?

They didn't care there either,

They were a bit nicer,

Now everyone's mean,

Annoying and more haters seem to be every-one,

Life no longer is any fu-un.

I wish I could go back,

But then I think again,

If I were to go back,

I would go when?

I hate it now,

more than I hated it then.

I seem like I can't win


I hope that it gets better,

Now then it is,

I can't deal,With all this annoying chiz,

I still wish I was younger,

But I've learned to let time go right now,

All I can do is cry.

I just wish that it gets than it is,

right now.