I am home alone, but for how long? Well that depends.
I don't know when mom will show up, she's hanging with her friends.

Now there's someone at the door, fumbling with the key.
I look out into the the hallway, and what do I see?

Of course it is my mother, but she is not alone!
Beside her is a MAN - and I reach out for my phone.

My mind's not working now - who can I send a message to?
I need to share this trauma with someone, I don't care who!

They giggle in the hallway, and then, against my will,
I hear them moving to the bedroom - and now I feel ill!

I close the door behind me, put a speaker to each ear,
then turn the music on - and up - so I don't have to hear.

I press my pillow to my face, I sing along and weep.
I CANNOT think of what they do while thinking I'm asleep.

When the morning comes I'm staring straight into a wall.
They got silent 'round two, but I haven't slept at all.

They're already in the kitchen; she's hungover, so is he.
And what's worse is that he is YOUNG; almost as young as me!

She spots me, smiles at me and opens her mouth, but before
she gets a chance to introduce us I'm out through the door.

I shudder; this stunt she's pulled in order to get pleased
will cost me seventeen long years in theraphy, at least ...