Chasing Castles


Chapter one: Mirror Mirror

"Miss Rose, they're ready for you." I turned from my mirror to face my head servant, Charles.

"Very well." I smiled, the ball was tonight. Everyone was going to be there, and best of all, I was the leader of it all.

I stood up, sucking in my stomach and pushing out my chest for effect, after all, I was the princess.

No joke, I, Roseanne Farr, am in fact, a princess.

I glanced back at my mirror again, reluctant to leave it without looking absolutely drop-dead gorgeous. Charles sighed impatiently as I smoothed down a flyaway hair then smiled wide to make sure my teeth were still perfectly white and straight.

"Madame, excuse me, but we're going to be late."

"Calm down Charles, it's not a big deal." He looked at me like I had two heads.

"Miss, it's the biggest ball we've had in the past 7 years, it is a 'big deal'" I rolled my eyes, even though mother always told me not to do that, smoothed my colorful (and I do mean colorful, it's golden, but whenever the light hits it, you can see colors shining almost beneath it, I did nothing to get it like this, it just is this way) hair down one more time, then ran my finger over my lips to smooth my lipstick and make it perfectly even. I ran back over to my make up and started to put more on.

"ROSEANNE FARR IF YOU DON'T GET DOWN HERE IN FIVE SECONDS…" it was my parents calling from downstairs. Weird, they usually don't shout like that. I shrugged, put my blush away and followed the servant out the door.

When I got downstairs, my parents were both looking impatient, but like they were trying to hide it, like all royalty was taught to do. Never show any bad emotion, make everyone think you are happy at all times, unless there are lives at stake, then you can be worried, but that's really it. This surprised me, maybe I'd just imagined the yelling. I could just be tired, I spent all of last night getting an outfit for this ball. It had to be perfect, and the gown I was wearing showed that. It was a very dark red and had gold, silver and black threads woven into that. I wore a hoopskirt under the bottom part, which was the beautiful part. The bottom had elegant folds in it and lining each of them was a small silver chain with tiny diamonds on it. The top was plain, just the red color and no straps. It was way too fancy for a normal ballgown, but hey, if anyone wanted to criticize it, they could talk to my parents about that. After all, they are the king and queen and I'm sure they could easily deal with any mix-ups.

I smiled pleasantly at them as if nothing was wrong and stepped lightly into the carriage. The white horses pulling it were only the most beautiful and strongest horses around. I smiled, the horses were one of my favorite things here. I wasn't supposed to care for them, or really do anything at all, but I did anyway. Charles didn't seem to mind me doing his chores, and in return he didn't tell my parents about how their perfect daughter spent her free time mucking out horse stalls, willingly.

The ride was uneventful, but when we got there, there was already an audience waiting for us to show up. Mostly me because this whole thing was my idea, huge parties like this were always a perfect occasion, and I figured we should throw one. I mean, no matter how much of a perfect life I lead, I am still a teenager at heart.

Once we arrived, it started. It didn't really matter if not everyone was there yet, we were, and that's all that really mattered to these people. We were their gods, their leaders.

About an hour later, everyone was there. Even the latest people had arrived, the whole kingdom was together at last.

By this time I was having the time of my life. It didn't matter anymore if I was above everyone else. I acted exactly like them, not at all civilized Rose. But that didn't really matter because for the first time I was truly having fun!

That's when I met him.

There was a slow dance, and I hadn't found a partner yet, even about a minute into the song, and this made me angry, I always had a partner! Guys should ALWAYS want to dance with a princess, I mean, who wouldn't, right?

I went to go sit down and boil in this anger, but then I saw him. Sitting on the bench at the side of the room, watching the couples swiftly move across the floor (they were all ballroom dancing, because here, that's what slow dance means) he looked a tiny bit sad, like he wished to dance with someone too.

"Would you like to dance?" I asked, after walking so that I stood beside him, but he still hadn't taken notice yet. He looked up and almost gasped.

"Aren't you princess Roseanne?"

"Rose, call me Rose, please."

"Yes your highness." I smiled and reached my hand out.

"Want to dance with me?"

"Yes!" he stood up and held my hand in his. Then he glanced up for half a second into my icy blue eyes before moving to the floor.

His eyes never left mine as he danced like a professional. I smiled, this was perfect.

The song ended soon, but he never left my side.

I later discovered that his name was Peter.

The name fit in a way. He looked like a Peter, I mean. He had light chestnut colored brown hair. It was sort of shaggy, but not too long or anything. He also had super light brown eyes. He was about as tall as me and the same age (I'm fourteen by the way). Honestly, for a commoner, he was really good-looking.

We spent the entire night together, dancing, talking, and just having fun.

When the night finally came to an end, I was sad to watch him go. He told me he'd write, and I'd see him again probably. I had faith in this, so as he left I waved goodbye happily.

As everyone else left the place, I stayed. I didn't have to clean up of course, the servants would take care of that, but I figured I'd stay until everyone, including them, left.

So that how I wound up pacing around the ballroom, waiting for Charles and the others to stop talking and finish their work. I hated yelling at people, but I did want to leave sometime in the next week.

In our kingdom, there are two castles. The one the royal family, that's us, stays in the other one. This one used to be a king and queen's home, but it got too run-down. People built another one, and a decade later they fixed this one back up. Since the royal family at the time had already settled into their new home, they didn't move back into the older castle. So when my parents rose to power, they decided we'd use this old place for special occasions, such as this ball. I honestly hadn't been in most of it.

That's why I decided to go explore a little bit. I didn't really know what else to do, and that was as good as anything.

The first few rooms were a dining room, a kitchen, and servant's quarters. I was about to leave the last room in the servant's part, until a small door in the corner of the room caught my attention. I walked over to it.

Well this is peculiar, who put a tiny door in the middle of a servant room?

I tested the knob, and to my surprise, it opened. I cheered silently and crawled through the doorway.

I kept crawling until I felt the tunnel open up into a bigger room. I searched the walls for a light switch, but there was none. Finally I felt my way around, but found nothing.

I was about to give up and crawl back until I felt something large. It was covered with a sheet.

Slowly, sort of afraid, I pulled the sheet off. I heard it fall to the floor as light flooded the room.

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