Chasing Castles


Chapter two: Nightmare

I squinted as my eyes adjusted to the sudden flow of light.

When I finally could see again, I looked around the room. The thing putting off light was the only object in this entire room. I looked at it again, and recognized it immediately, I mean, I did love mirrors.

I got closer to it to see if crawling through the tunnel had messed up my gown terribly. But I couldn't see my reflection.

"That's…odd…" I mumbled to myself. Then I figured it might just be dusty. I ran my hand over it but pulled back immediately. The surface felt like ice. It was wet but frozen, exactly the same as ice. I touched it again, knowing what to expect this time. Mesmerized, I ran my hand over the glassy surface then pulled it away, but somehow felt drawn back to it again.

I couldn't pull my hand away. I didn't really want to but I physically couldn't do it. I sat down on my knees, hand still on the mirror.

Hours passed, and I couldn't move. I wanted to so badly but I couldn't leave it.

I just stared at the blue-white surface and remained still and silent. There was nothing on it to look at, but for some reason, I couldn't look away.

Suddenly it started to burn, like I was touching fire. I tried but my hand wouldn't pull away. The burn spread up my arm, to my shoulder, then my neck. It slowly crept up the side of my face, I screamed in pain and it flowed into my mouth. Through the corner of my eye I noticed that it wasn't just the pain, actual blisters from burns had formed. They took over my entire body, while I sat there, helplessly waiting for the pain to stop. It never did, but something started to appear on the mirror. I watched it closely, from lack of being able to do anything else.

First I saw my parents. They were standing in front of our home, smiling. They looked younger, I noticed. I heard as they talked to each other about wedding plans and then it flashed to their actual wedding. They stood in front of a preacher, I recognized her from pictures. I listened to them say their vows, smiling at one another. Tons of people were watching, the whole kingdom had turned up to watch them get married and go back to the castle, together as one. After I watched the entire wedding, it flashed to my mother, she was pregnant and telling my father about it. He smiled, happy that someone would be there to take over when they both were dead and gone. Again the screen changed. Now they were in our little town hospital. My mom was screaming something as she gave birth to me. I watched as the doctor showed little pink baby me to my mom who smiled proudly and to my dad who nodded at me, like I was just another thing that had to do with regular business or something, not his only child. I sighed, that was my father. Nothing was special to him. Next I watched what had just happened hours ago. I saw my father scream for me to come downstairs. I saw, from his eyes, me walking down in my gown. I cringed as I noticed that one of the chains was messed up, Charles hadn't given me enough time, or I would have noticed it before. I started to wonder if anyone had seen it tonight or if it has fixed itself. Before I got a chance to ponder this very seriously, the screen continued to show its little movie. I watched us walk out of our home, then I watched us ride over here in the carriage and I watched as my parents talked to different townspeople while I had gone off to dance and party. Then after seeing them at the whole ball, doing everything they had done tonight, I watched them leave, leaving me behind. I waved, smiling, then turned around to talk to Charles (at least I assumed it was him, there hadn't been anyone else to talk to after that really). The mirror when dark after that. But when it lit up again, I saw fire. My parents were screaming as our home was eaten up by flames. They were on the top floor and the fire had taken up the rest of the castle so they couldn't move. I saw the bottom of the building fail, it fell and they did too. My mother cracked her neck on a huge marble stone from the second floor flooring. She didn't move again. My dad survived the fall, but he got burned alive. I watched it happen, screaming, crying. Then I saw myself. I was standing outside of the burnt castle, untouched by the flames. The me in the mirror shook her head and wandered off, obviously not really caring, just wanting to live somewhere. Then I saw one last disturbing thing before this vision was over. A dragon. I knew they existed in our world, but I'd never seen one before. It was looking at what was left of our burnt house quite triumphantly. Like it was the cause of the fire, and it knew exactly what it had done and it was proud of itself for doing that horrid deed.

After all of this, the screen returned to its original state, but the burning didn't stop. I cried in pain, wishing I could leave this horrible place, but the mirror wasn't done with me yet.

Next I saw me, but with my best friends, Isabelle, Maria, and Chloe. We were all laughing about something and sitting on the floor of my room in our nightgowns. I quickly realized that this was from the sleepover we'd had years ago. Sure we have a ton of sleepovers, but this was the first one. The one we did when we first became friends. I knew this because my room was decorated differently, and we all looked younger. I'd remodeled my room just two days after that night. I watched as we talked about town gossip, and guys, of course. I smiled at the jokes and laughed along with my younger self. After that night it changed to a fight, when Chloe got mad and ditched us for a few weeks. She had come back soon enough though. I watched stuff like that for a while, important things I remember doing with them. Stuff that made a difference. I watched them at the ball too, they spent the whole time hanging out, and I felt bad because I'd ditched them for a cute guy, but I guess they'd forgive me later. And ask how things had gone. They'd gone great, better than great actually. Peter had kissed me, and I hadn't told anyone yet. It was so perfect though. Anyway, I watched my friends go through the night, then go home. Now, I guessed, was the time when it'd how me some horrific vision of them dying horrible ways. I guessed correctly, the screen dimmed and when it came back, they were all sitting outside, me included, when the same dragon showed up again. They all screamed, but I looked calm in a weird way. I watched as the dragon speared Isabelle on its claw, then shredded off her clothes and ate her whole. It was bloody and disgusting. Next came Maria. He stepped on her going after Chloe, you could see her squished body when he walked off again, after eating Chloe the same way he'd eaten Isabelle. I just stood there, watching. The dragon left me alone for some reason.

The screen went back to normal again. This was torture.

Finally I saw Peter. I watched the whole night over again, I watched our first dance. I watched as we both decided to take a break and we sat down on the same bench I'd found him on in the first place. I listened to the slow music again. My heart fluttered because I knew what was coming. We both looked at each other, smiling. Then I watched as the distance between our lips got smaller and finally disappeared altogether. That dimmed and another vision came up. He was sitting on his bed, writing something. The roof suddenly was gone. Of course, in its place was the infamous dragon.

"NO MORE!" I shrieked, I couldn't watch another person I loved die. This mirror was just trying to torture me.

I closed my eyes to try to break this horrible spell it seemed I was under.

With my eyes still closed, I yanked my hand off of the mirror. The light that spread through the room was so bright I couldn't help but open my eyes again.

A terrible pain went through my body, of burning and freezing and everything in between all at the same time.

Slowly the light dimmed again, as did my pain.

I tripped a dozen time trying to get back to the tunnel. I was so afraid that I couldn't think straight.

When I got back, Charles was doing the exact same thing he had been when I left.

"That spot took that long to clean?" I asked, still dazed.

"What? It's only been two minutes. These things don't disappear so quickly."

"But the mirror… I was there for hours! Can't you see the burns on me? They're everywhere!" Charles looked up, concerned.

"Roseanne, I think you're tired, would you like me to take you back to the castle?" I looked at my arms, the burns were gone.

"But they were there! I swear! I can show you the mirror that gave me them, i can…" I stopped, reconsidering. It was a bad enough idea to go back there, much less take someone else with me.

"Rose, I'm going to take you home." He went outside and shoved me up onto his horse. No carriages this time.

He sent me to bed as soon as we got back. This was slightly confusing because i have power over him, but I was just grateful to be lying in my soft silk blankets than anywhere near that mirror. It was the worst thing on this planet. I couldn't help but remember everything that I saw. But as I closed my eyes, the visions wouldn't leave.

"Help me…" I whispered

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