Sapphire tears,

Trailing down porcelain cheeks,

A ruby red past,

Without victory.

Sincerely so,

I watch from afar,

Silently writing my own tome.

No place to call home,

No single person to call a friend.

In this cruel world

I am condemned.

I am alone

Nowhere to go,

Nowhere to be,

Nothing anywhere,

No one but me.

I am alone, and that is that.

True, I've known for so long,

How the darkness may seem,

Beckoning me closer,

Dragging me in,

When all I seek is a distant light.

I will fight—

Indeed I shall with all my might

Nothing here,

No one there,

No living thing found anywhere,

No one but me,

I am alone and that is that.

And yet when you did come to me,

The light, it blinded me-almost permanently,

Leaving me in a snow storm,

Forcing me to face the sun,

The light I found was soon to much.

I had cried and pleaded,

begged for the light and such.

Too many people,

Here and there,

People floating everywhere,

No one but me was better

I liked it alone and that is that.

And what I got, was only truth,

And that was much too much.

I am no fool.

Love isn't a science, but an art,

One no person will truly master,

But by the gods, I shall try,

And hope I won't break down and simply cry.

I am no fool.

A mask is what I hide behind, and nothing more.

Sure, love is the thing all people will search for,

And certainly, most will find,

But by the gods, they will me to fail,

And I have faith that I still may eventually prevail.

I am no fool.

A mask is what I hide behind, and nothing more.

Think what you will.

Again and again,

I fail and fail,

But by the gods, I will make sure I'll find you,

Even if that means doing what I shouldn't do.

hi. if you can tell, my life hasn't exactly been that happy as of late. :P blame school. and my weird social life. and my inability to stay happy for longer then ten minutes. but i like writing poetry when i'm unhappy, sooooo...have a poem.

a review would make me happy, but i don't really think anyone will send one my way :P