The City of Healing Hearts:

There is no sun to rule the daytime

And no moon to rule the night

No stars to sit and stare at

No laughter and no light

Just those who have been broken

And those who have been scarred

Those who have been shaded

In the city of healing hearts

A tale told and retold, ages long

Sung and resung in fragments of a song

Everybody knows it

Everybody sings along

To the broken chords and melody

It's a choir of melancholy

In the city of healing hearts

We cry tears of golden memories

And mourn for what couldn't be

A love so strong but lost to disbelief

We all visit the city of fading scars

The city of healing hearts

Copyright 2011 bookgirl07

Got this idea while browsing through Mortal Instruments fanfics, City of Healing Hearts was the title of the story.