Deceitful one, all lies,

Eager to drown in your own blood.
All he said was false, never true,
Taking hospitality, compassion, and destroying it.
Having it the way he wants it, no matter what.

Destroy all around you, and for what?

Elongating the time before your own destruction.

Anything you do won't end the suffering,
This only causes more pain, to those around you.

Healing, trying to, from this horrible encounter.

Doom, he rains it, throughout the land,
Everlasting fate, takes all life around,
All in ruins, wasteland forming.

Time ticks away, aging the already old.
Hear the voices of the dammed, shout for freedom.

Damnation to all, who have crossed his path,

Eradicating all the cherished souls.

Agony and pain, is all that is left,
Trailing tears of sorrow from their hollow bodies.
He's finally come to finish the task, to finish you.