I've recently been a little obsessed with writing my first (okay first that I've actually thought through and has hope) original story that I hope to publish one day but I want you're opinions first. If it's bad it'll be easier coming from y'all than an editor or something... So yeah.


Have you ever thought about what's at the Earth's core? Fire. Burning. Hot. Freaking. Fire. Nothing else. Or at least, that's what I've always thought. Until one day, when I, along with most of the rest of the human race, was proved wrong.

Sometimes I wish it had never happened. That I'd gone through the rest of my life thinking that. Believing that nothing was down there, that nothing could survive. Other times, I'm glad I found out because now, it's my new life as an Inferno.

Okay, back it up. I'm going to guess that you're wondering what the hell I'm talking about, right? The first thing you have to know is about Infernos. If you look up Inferno in the dictionary or online, you'll get something about Hell or eternal damnation. While that's true and does exist, it's a whole other thing and not at all what I'm talking about. When I say Inferno, I'm talking about humans or, more specifically, me and the others. We're, in a sense, witches and wizards, I guess is what you could call us, except our powers are limited to fire. We can control fire with our minds… sort of. I'll explain that later.

Confused? Perhaps I should start at the beginning…


Has your science teacher ever told you about how there's parts of oceans that humans haven't explored? They say that's because they're too dark, there's too much water pressure, and all that? Well I, for one, am glad they can't come down here. I'd prefer to keep this whole world a secret. Not only is it better that the rest of the humans don't find out but I'm sometimes ashamed of what we do.

And of course by "we" I mean the Aquas.

An Aqua is someone with a somewhat magic power. A power over water, to be exact. Our power is sort of limited but it progresses if we train. If we don't... well, you'll find out. It's not pretty, I'll tell you that much. That's partially why I'm ashamed. Not only are we training to kill but some even harm our own fighters. There are times that I think the Terras and Whirlwinds and right but I know what's expected of me and what I have to do and just push the thoughts away.

Am I confusing you? Maybe I should go back a bit...

I know it sounds a little like Avatar that sort of thing but it's not anything like it (I don't think... I don't really watch Avatar I only saw The Last Air Bender)!

Okay this is only the introduction so it's shorter than a Boxer's tail, but is it any good? First chapter coming soon.

R&R and PLEASE give CC! If you're just going to say "Love it, update" or "Update soon" or any of that stuff I've gotten before, while I'm grateful for reviewers at all, it doesn't help me as a writer.