She was the most intriguing yet unusual woman I had ever met. I can take this into account because we hadn't known each other but merely a day and a half. Why I even spent time with this woman was beyond me. It could be the normal prospect of it all that she had a great figure with a nice rack. That is one rack I'd like to set spices on if you catch my drift. How we even met was one within itself an experience I could not ever forget even in my wildest dreams with Jessica Alba. I'd assume you gather enough sense that that actress was my type.

Anyways, I was reading the newspaper or trying to. That day was filled with things I'd never done before, one was reading the newspaper. I wanted to look posh and sophisticated but with this five o' clock shadow and mid-shoulder length tangle web I'd like to call hair was probably not cutting it. Keyword would have been cutting. I've got to say I've grown quite fond of it. I unconsciously stroked my premature beard in admiration when all of the sudden, it happened. Someone's hands clasped over my eyes and rid me of my vision.

"Guess who?" A woman's voice echoed through my ear. It was gentle and rippled smoothly like a refreshing waterfall of chocolate. I was unable to stop myself from smiling or getting slightly turned on. I wasn't easily aroused but something in her voice spoke to my groin like God talking to one of his prophets.

I stifled back a laugh after thinking, "Come forth my children." I'd take the most innocent of things and twist them around in a sexual manner. That sentence further proved my point. I'd say it's in every man's nature except those who haven't reached puberty to think this way to a certain degree.

With reasons I couldn't fathom, I went along with her game. "Someone I do not know but would very much like to." I spoke softly. I was trying to act manly but wasn't sure it worked. I've got accustomed to many strange encounters and knew what to do but that was code for that I've only had thoughts of such things ever occurring. That's all they were, was thoughts, and I was wondering if maybe I was sleeping on the plane still. This would just turn out to be another very vivid lucid dream with my luck.