[On a Mission]

Stubble brushed up against Aito's slobber covered arm as he woke. Covers were wrapped snuggly about him as he lay vertical in bed. He was sure this was not how he fell asleep. He pulled back the curtains of the window next to him; another rainy looking day without a droplet to spare. It was definitely time for breakfast. Pungent and sweet aromas crept from the lower floor. It took awhile for him to figure Hot cakes. The gods must have known, he smiled, they were his favorite. No it was his son who had suggested them, a comfort food for his whipped father. Haruka opened the bedroom door letting the smells fully rush in. Her hair was up in its usual puffy bun; her clothes loosened and wrinkled.

"You are just now getting up? Its four o'clock in the afternoon." She notified ashamed of his pitiful appearance. What happened to the refined man walking to her bathroom last night? This man had untamed hair and stubble enough to outclass a porcupine. Aito was no model god; he was a commoner, a normal man. He snickered at her slight expression of antipathy.

"Well I am sorry if that bothers you." He rose up out of bed with a stretch. Did he have to stretch? Her face nearly melted off her skull seeing the muscles that led to a conserved place. That man spoke so well that she forgot what had her in a knot in the first place. "I had plans to go back home today to see if I can work things out with my wife. I am sure she is still bent on banishing us forever."

"And if she is?" Haruka inquired, loosening her kinky hair.

"If it's alright with you ma'am…" Aito stepped over to her giving her all his attention. "…I'll be bringing my son and me enough clothes for a week. Two weeks is the longest we've ever had to be away."

"I guess two weeks is okay…but after that you are pushing your welcome. You'll have to start paying me rent, Aito-san."

"Well I don't have much. Miyu makes most of the money, but getting a job can't be hard."

"Where has this poor man been? Being his wife's wife…I guess." Haruka thought, while crossing her arms. "Well what if you don't get a job?"

"I used to work on yards. Gardening is the family business on my side and I've dabbled in construction. I'm not above physical labor."

"That's good to know." Ruka grinned despite the seriousness of the situation. She was not above kicking a complete pair of strangers out of her house when expenses got to high. Although she wasn't so sure that Aito could not convince her of otherwise. A charmer amongst the most charismatic, he could probably lead her to believe the world was flat.

"Whoa, Ms. Akashi I am married." Aito blushed, at the alluring severity in her eyes.

"I know and I am in relationship myself. Forgive my gutter. I can't help myself, I am a flirt."

"I like that." He replied, his body unsure of moving closer or away. He felt an attraction that he hadn't felt sense he met his wife years ago. She was making him feel young again. Ruka laughed uneasily searching from something to change the subject.

"By the way Ota is heating up the last of pancakes I made this morning. You had better get some before they are gone."

"Trust me I will they are my favorite, thank you for cooking them—"

Their conversation shattered as a cellular phone buzzed in Ruka's pants. She pulled it out and her eyes widened. Aito watched her curiously leaning against the door frame.

"It's Gino my boyfriend."

"You have a boyfriend?" Aito inquired, his surprise consuming his bewilderment. Some man had her on lock. Haruka came across as a free spirit to him, not someone's girlfriend. He walked away to her greeting Gino.

"Hey I just got your message today. If I would have known I would have spoken to you sooner. I just got so busy at work today. So are they still at your house?"

"Yes, if you could drop by today that would be great."

"You know I have a meeting with the school board today—"

"But…" Haruka interrupted amiably. "…I've been waiting to see you alone for some time now."

"Well you do have guest over. We really wouldn't be alone would we? Ruka-chan I trust you to be faithful if that's why you want me over there."

"No that's not why I want you here! Gino we haven't kissed or made love in over five months! I am starting think you just aren't attracted to me anymore."

"Now Haruka you know that just isn't true. Every time I see you I feel tingles all over. Please don't start this argument. I trust you…will you please trust me."

"Any normal man would be bothered by a male super model staying at his woman's house. Not you though Gino. I love you…I got to get changed." Ruka heaved, removing her high heels. Frustration pushed out of her nostrils with every breath.

"I am sorry that I trust you so much. I've got to go too. So I guess I'll see you again on Monday princess."

"Yah, yah…see you then." Haruka closed her phone then turned into Aito's chest. Her face was burnt, how much did he hear?

"Five months, that sounds like chump change." Aito muttered with a mouth filled with pancakes.

"We eat downstairs not up here!"

Lacey lingerie clung to the firm sculpted body of Mrs. Kuroki. Soft sprays of flowery perfume completed her evening wear. Restless with anticipation she laid across her leather couch. Evening darkened the room allowing the candlelight to flicker intensely. Her light blue eyes sparkled brighter than diamonds as the door bell rang. A twitch in her step she went to answer the front door.

"What took you so long?" She laughed opening the entry. "Oh—"

Aito held onto a fresh bouquet of roses, clammy because his wife never wore such things for him. She looked at the floor before taking the flowers. They matched her scent perfectly he thought, closing the door behind him.

"I take it it's alright for Ota and me to come back home then?" He reluctantly kissed his wife's cheek. His heart nearly leapt as she smiled at him.

"Of course, I just freaked out because another woman was here. You know they say keeping your anger in check is like a plateau." Miyu replied, rubbing the places where his rugged chin had scraped.

"Yes that's right. Wow is that a whole dinner on the table." Aito smirked, at the intimate feast awaiting them. "I should have never doubted you so many times. All this for us, you are wonderful Miyu."

"I know. Can you wait for me before you start eating; I need to make a phone call. It's to my agent…I forgot all about it." She muttered, grabbing the house phone from the kitchen counter.

"Sure thing, go ahead you are the only thing I'm starving for." His lustful eyes followed her seductive frame. "Is this my lucky day?"

"Damn it he won't answer!" Miyu screamed, pushing the redial option on her cordless phone.

Two car lights shined through the silk curtains as a green vehicle pulled into the driveway. Aito removed his jacket before peering through the bamboo blinds. He backed from the window feeling sick. Not saying a word to his wife, he rushed to his son's bedroom and pulled out a small suitcase. Miyu noticed and ran to peek outside. Her eyes grew wide with fury. By the time she turned around her husband had three bags and was headed towards the back door.

"Aito, where are you going?"

"That's none of your damn business. I am tired of this shit. You think I am stupid Miyu? I know whose car that was driving up here. Well if you want him, have him. I won't interrupt."

"Aito, no you don't understand!"

"Sure I do! You'll be getting the divorce papers in the mail!" He huffed passing the rose bushes he had planted years ago. Waiting drearily on the corner was the car they had picked out together. All those memories were churning the contents of his stomach. Tiredly he opened the trunk to his car and tossed his bags in.

"Damn it you better wait—"

"Or what you'll kick me out? You've already done that!" He laughed with a twinge. Aito slammed the trunk close, and then got in his vehicle. "Please sign them quick. I want to start dating before I am too old."

Smoke from the tail pipe spread across Miyu's legs. Sourly she looked on her spouse speeding away. Yelling complaints the woman ran to the green car parked in the drive way. The gentleman got out of the car confused.

"Was that my brother?"

"Yes I've tried everything to make things work Katsumi. Please will you follow him for me! I need to know where he's going."

"Sure thing, anything for my brother's beloved. Get in the car Miyu-chan."