Everyday I am learning to breathe.

I am learning of what it means for

me to be free in Christ. Optimistic,

I am choosing to see the positive

outcome of every tragic situation

in my life. I am choosing to see the best

in people and myself. I break bread with

the saints and spread the love all across

the table, globe. All of this is done in

rememberance of Christ. The fruits of the

spirit in which consists of love, joy, peace,

patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,

gentleness and self control make up my

safety aid kit. Love exists in places where

people don't expect there to be miracles

and blessings. A warm fuzzy feeling has

overtaken my broken soul, seeing someone

smiling is my good luck charm. A hug is a silent

prayer from one heart to another who may be

in need of some soul food and in turn bringing

all the missing parts of heaven back together

forever. Love never fails, it only heals and closes

old open wounds. Breathing life back into the

pleasant sounds of nature, true love that is based

on God's word is as pure and white as snow.