A girl with sandy brown hair sat on a park bench. Her hair reached her shoulders, and her green eyes were sad. She had freckles covering her face. She wore a red shirt, and skinny jeans. Her brown cat tail swished sadly. Her cat ears laid flat against her head. People passed her by, their own tails showing their emotions. The girl sat on the bench, as rain started sprinkling down, everyone running away as fast as they could to get out of the rain, but she stayed. She couldn't hear everyone scrambling around and screaming.

She sat in the rain, waiting on the park bench. She looked across the park and saw a black haired boy, walking under an umbrella. Another body was next to him. A pretty blonde walked with him. With a red dress on her body, and her hair in perfect curls, she clung to the boy's arm, giggling and messing with his hair. The boy did nothing but smile, and encourage her.

The brown haired girl felt her world shatter, but she couldn't even hear it.

"…You…promised….you would…always be here…for me…" She whispered; her mouth and voice not being able to form the words she was speaking. She watched them walk through the park, ignoring her.

The blonde looked over at her and sneered, looking back up at the boy.

"That deaf girl is so pathetic. I'm surprised she hasn't lost all nine lives." She chuckled. The boy's eyes widened and he looked over at the girl. The brunette stood up sadly and left the park.

"Yeah. I guess…" he nodded looking back at her. "Our mothers were friend, and made me promise that I would always be there for her. But, I like you more." He told the blonde.

"Of course you do! Now let's go! I want some sushi!" The blonde smiled, tugging on his arm.