I lay awake drowning in tears
to find myself vulnerably weak:
you being gone sends my heart to wrenches
and these tears wouldn't stop
no matter how many times I dried them.
All these years, I might have relied
too much on you and right now,
when you're gone,
something's missing, something's leaving-
why can't I find my way back?
That even a sentence's worth of words
or a essay full of broken thoughts-
to the window stained with dusk and sobs
and the room soaked with empty words,
I never thought I'd feel this way
when you leave me.
I wonder how long I haven't felt complete,
to be assured that you'll be in my tomorrow.
Yet you walked away,
left nothing but the silence behind.
Now here I am, writing this poem for you
as I listen to the sound of the rain that
washed away my pleads for you to come back.