Melissa drove home in her red mustang with an added paint job that showed through her orange and yellow flames. School had been the usual, Mr. Blaine created a new game for Psychical Education that he called 'Death Row'. The name did not go unnoticed as they played it. Mrs. O'Connor introduced a new student and also introduced a new pop quiz to help the new guy 'find his calling' in Science. Dalphaine had created a new story idea, and Jake had talked her out of it. It was all normal, at least as normal as it got around Melissa.

As she passed the gates leading into her Father's estate a wave of uneasiness flowed through her. She dismissed it as she parked in the spiral driveway leading to the estate. As she passed through the cherry wood doorway she decided to go swimming.

She slipped upstairs and replaced her light pink tank top and beige shorts with a two piece tankini with multicolor starfish on it. She then sauntered out of the lavender colored bedroom and slid down the spiral stair railing leading to the foyer. Another wave of uneasiness flowed through her veins as she walked through the french doors leading to the outdoor pool. But, it was, yet again, dismissed by the sight of the mildly deep swimming pool and hot pink hot tub.

Many people may compare Melissa to Paris Hilton, but she wasn't spoiled rotten. She gave away her weekly allowance to a shelter around the corner for homeless teenagers, took in strays for her father to look after using his veterinary 'powers'. She even talked her Dad into giving away their shed to a neighbor who had lost his wife and claimed that 'he forgot to get one' because Susan was no longer with him.

She slipped into the pool. Little did she know that the wave of uneasiness that once flowed through her was a sign from above to look out for whatever lurked in the waters below.

I wrote this as a prompt for a 'suspense story' for schoolwork. I decided to post it here and see what you guys think. I may continue if I get good reviews. :) Enjoy the rest of your week and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!