Everett, 15
New Orleans, Louisana

I whistled to myself and grinned, flipping my shaggy dark brown hair out of my eyes. I knew it was Mardi Gras, so there would be tons of parades. I smiled as the processional worked it's way down the street I was on. There were scantily clas girls, bright colors (mostly yellow and green) and beads being thrown everywhere. Luckily, from where I was in a dark alley, no one could see me.

Good thing, too. My golden eyes weren't excactly common around...anywhere. I was slender, with skinny arms and legs. I tried to work out to gain some kind of muscle definition, but it didn't work. At all. So, at fifteen, I was super tall, and incredibly skinny. It sucked. A lot.

The sounds of the celebration died down as I ran down the alley, to reach the other side of the street, littered with confetti. I groaned as some drunk people sauntered down the street, laughter so loud it made me want to just jump in the air and grab onto something. Weird. It's like, sometimes, I had these instincts that made me go crazy. Like, I hate water. I'm scared to death of it. It's so crazy.

I was running down the street when I came upon an old fire escape. It was famliar to me, because I'd lived there as long as I could remember. I climbed up the ladder, reaching the platform outside of the window. I knocked slowly. A girl with frizzy red hair and a crooked smile opened it up, causing me to grin.

"Rett!" She cried, hugging my tightly, dirt brown eyes alight with excitement. She was anything but beautiful. But she was my best friend, so it never mattered to me. I tried not to judge based on looks.

"Julie," I breathed, the name familar on my lips. She laughed and pulled my inside the dingy apartment. The walls were coated with dust, the sink filled with dirty dishes, and the furniture had ripsand tears in it. I plopped onto the sofa. Home.

Julie tugged her curly, frizzy fiery red hair into a ponytail, sitting beside me. We'd been living there since we were little kids, fending for ourselves. Parents? What are those? Julie was strange, like me. Except she liked eating meat raw, and she got really, really worked up when we argued. Like, baring her teeth and ripping things off of the walls. With her teeth.

That's why we hid. We didn't know what was wrong with us, but people get scared.

Nobody ever visited us. Which is why I was surprised by the knock on the door. I raised my eyebrows and looked to Julie, who was equally confused. I hopped up, and opened the door to see a man in a suit. He pushed me out of the way and pulled a gun seemingly out of nowhere, pointing it straight at Julie.

"Come with me, or I'll shoot," he threatened softly, but firmly. I stood.

"Stop!" I cried, before Julie shook her head. She was seventeen, two years older than me, but she sure was stupid. I'd just go with the guy.

The huge guy grinned, pulling the trigger. A tiny green point was stuck into her neck. making her collapse. I felt my eyes well up with tears. Every sense was on edge, as this man shot my best friend. With what, I had no clue. But I felt furious. He turned to me.

"Are you like her?"

I shrugged. And then I ran. But then I was tased, and everything went black.

Ren, 13
Salt Lake City, Utah

Curse my intelligence. I hated being in high school and only thirteen. It's awful, horrible, everything. Plus, with the added bonus of white skin, white hair, and black eyes, making me look like a posessed demon, I didn't have any friends. My name is Lauren, and I'm a hybrid. Snow leopard. Yeah. It sucks. I love the cold though, which is the only good thing. I have white hair. And I'm thirteen. I hate it. Plus, I'm really short. I hate being short.

I'm not a nice person, normally. Assertive. Rude. But no one has taken the time to get to know me, so they don't know. Anyway, as I was walking into high school, I was shoved into a locker. I was furious. I glared my black eyes, watching them back away. Great. I don't want anyone talking to me anyway. I heard about how the hybrids were being collected. Huh. Maybe that would be better than reality.

Aria, 17
Chicago, Illinois

I liked to show off. Don't hate, it's true. And I had a perfectly good reason to.

Large, beautiful green eyes, and soft, wavy brown hair with blonde highlights and a few freckles scattered around my (perfect). Guys go crazy. Too bad I'm a hybrid, and therefore, unwanted. I have a tail, well, sort of. A peacock tail...thing...wings. But mine isn't that pretty, only male peacocks have the pretty things attached to their back. I only wear dresses to hide that ugly monstrosity the government gave me. I hate it. I don't know why they mixed peacock DNA of all the options into me. It's horrible. It's ruined my otherwise great life. Awesome (terribly strict), amazing (two-faced) friends.

I laughed softly to a joke the most popular guy in school said, pushing a strand of my hair behind my ear, and adjusted my pale blue sundress. He was geustering wildly, making no effort to exclude deatails. I looked around the busy lunchroom. There were the geeks, the drama club members, the loners. My school was so cliche. Of course, I was sitting with the cheerleaders and jocks.

Apparently, Madison was throwing a party, but Abbi wasn't invited, and Matt stuck duct tape on Jake's head, and he was trying to punch the crap out of him. Unnoticed, I picked up my lunch tray and dumped it into the trashcan, leaving quietly. The door to the lunchroom closed with a resounding BOOM, and I came face to face with a man in his late twenties, who grabbed me, and shoved me into a plastic bag. Was this how I was going to die?

TAP Headquarters
Area 51

Benjamin Reynolds was a smart man. He was head honcho of The Abnormality Project, or TAP as it was fondly referred to. He knew how people worked. And he knew that he had most of the Abnormalities in the airplane hangar turned dorm. But there were four in particular he needed. That bird girl, Kelly, maybe. And Sharkboy, and not to mention Snow Leopard, and Snakechick. They were all crucial.

He could lure them. He would lure them. But how?

He was smart, he could think of something.


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Kansas doesn't have much in it, except a place where Gwen, Chaz, Kelle, and Ren meet. They connect immediately, but will the friendships lead to the capture and downfall of themselves?