Okay, this was my assignment. I had to write a short story from the words listened below. It was to help my classmates and I recognize adverbs, but that's not the point. Here's the words I had to use in my story:

Awkwardly Beach Beyond Confused

Friendly Happily Heavenly Here

Inside Lonely Never Not

Old Rock Shy Sister

Slept Sometimes Song Stole

Stranger There Thought Told

Too Upstairs Very walked

water wished Yesterday

Here's what I gave the teacher. Not edited at all.

I get lonely, sometimes. I always thought it'd be nice to meet a stranger once in awhile, have a sister or brother, or even just, for once, see a friendly face. From my upstairs bedroom, I stared at the sea. Here, it was very quiet. Here, inside and alone, it was very empty. Sure, I had a lot of space. Too much space, too much emptiness.

I walked along the shore. I gazed at the beach, eyes never straying beyond the sand. I was afraid if I looked at the water, I'd be swallowed by the power of the ocean, by the mesmerizing lapping of the water against the salty sea-stained rock. The sound, the smell, the feel of the oceanwas what I slept to.

It began to rain. I looked up, confused and bemused to see rainclouds I hadn't even known were there. Not even bothering to move, I just stood out there awkwardly in the heavenly deluge. I wasn't afraid of any old rain.

But I stole a glance at the road. I had never shied away from rain. The humming, shy song of the rain against sea told me of the subtle beauty of nature.

No, what compelled me to look at the road, was the remembrance of yesterday. Yesterday, I'd been happily reveling in the rain, my back to the road. It hadn't bothered me when the car had sped hastily behind me. It hadn't bothered me when a wave of water and mud had completely engulfed my body, head to toe.

It was the roaring howl of the engine as it zoomed past, breaking the slap of water against water, rock, sand and concrete. Even if it was only for a brief second or two.

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