A/N: Bear with the purple prose in the intro, it goes away fairly quickly.

Title: The Fairies of Notting Cove


In the flowery patches of the sunbathed meadow, danced a single beauteous goddess, twirling her gown. She stole a single shining scarlet strawberry from a sprouting shrub. She oscillated towards the half of the path, flirtatiously turning towards you.

"Oh, hey there." Exclaimed the muse, the carmine juices of the fruit rolling down her plump lips "I suppose you're here for the story, eh?"

Her voice vibrated through the air-

"Oh, shut up. I am Calliope. I used to be the Muse of Epics but the others quit so now I'm just The Muse. I suppose you read that little summary and decided you were interested on reading so I'll try not to delay you more. Don't worry about the purple prose dude, I'm your narrator. Now, without further delays…

This is a story about Notting Cove. Nobody is sure why it's called Notting Cove. It's not special, rather, it's pretty normal. By the standards of their world at least. Because Notting Cove is in a fantastically mundane world where centaurs can be accountants and fairies live in little towns like Notting Cove. And this is exactly that. A story about The Fairies of Notting Cove

In a small diner, right about sunset, the waitress was panicking. The girl dashed from table to table, as she attempted to retrieve all dishes before the manager asked her to close. She threw the very last pile on the counter, just gently enough to avoid smashing it to bits.

"In a rush, Devin?" asked the cook, a tall brunette that seemed to have woken up in the wrong side of bed. Or in the wrong bed.

Devin glared at her. She defiantly turned around and headed for the door.

"I'm leaving."

The manager still attempted to call the girl but when she walked out of the kitchen, she was already gone.

Devin tightened her coat around her body as she walked down the street. The brisk autumn air pained her skin. Devin was of rather average height and build. Her blond hair was wavy, reaching her shoulder blades, and framed her heart shaped face. She was very pale, with freckles speckling her cheeks. Her eyes were amber colored, wide with thick eyelashes, and thin arched eyebrows. She had a small nose and full lips, a small golden piercing to the right of her lower lip. A small red spiraling tattoo adorned her left temple. A set of small, thin, translucent wings on her back fluttered with the wind.

Arriving at her house, she fumbled with her keys. She walked the last few steps, attempting to remove them from her pockets, which was turning out to be a difficult task. She made a mental note of buying a smaller keychain. As she finally managed to retrieve the offending keychain, she heard a scream a few houses away. She could've ignored it but she was unable to. Running towards the source, she mentally screamed at herself for (possibly) getting into trouble.

As the scream had not continued, Devin found herself wandering through houses, in search of whoever had shouted. She pondered on her inability to keep herself safe and happy. A low moan derailed her train of thought. She suspiciously skipped towards the source, realizing she had stumbled onto the edge of the forest. More low moans emanated from the trees. Devin cautiously walked through the woods, heading for the sound. Whatever it was, it was hurt.

Devin felt a shock of surprise as she found a girl, spread on a fallen willow. She seemed to be in incredible pain. Devin hid herself. She was sure the girl had not seen her and observed her carefully.

The girl was fairly muscular, someone who obviously worked out, but not obsessively so, with long legs and tan skin. She appeared to be a bit younger than herself, perhaps 22 or 23. She was somewhat flat chested. The dark blue vest she was wearing barely covered her at all. She had stiff, messy shoulder length hair, green-blue, with swept side bangs. The grey shorts she was wearing were obviously old and well used. She had a sort of sari wrapped around her waist and dropped over her left shoulder, vibrantly teal.

Devin's eyebrow twitched as she noticed the girl's wings. They were sturdy and thick, unlike any other she had seen before. They seemed to be covered in thin fur, same color as her hair. The right one was sticking at an unnatural angle. The more she observed her, the more injuries she notices, some recent and some older, some scars.

Devin sighed to herself. She couldn't bear to leave her like this. She swiftly walked towards her. She nearly stopped in her tracks as she noticed a couple of weapon holsters on her hip. Her eyebrow twitched again. She was hurt, why would she attack her?

"Uh, hey?"

The green haired girl seemed to flinch instinctively. She glanced at Devin, obviously trying not to glare. Devin noticed she had vivid green eyes and shivered.

"Err, hello. I seem to have gotten lost and I tripped.

"You tripped."


Devin eyed her carefully. The girl was obviously suspicious but who wouldn't be in this position.

"Can you walk?"

"I guess."

"Come on. I can try to patch you up in my house."

"Oh, you don't have-"

She shivered, obviously in pain.

"Never mind, I appreciate your help. Just let me try to get up."

Devin smirked.

"I'm Devin Freesia."

The girl looked surprised.

"I'm uh, Birke. Uh, Saga Birke."

Devin tilted her head, observing the girl. Saga shakily got up. She limped towards Devin, clutching her right wrist.

"Come on." muttered Devin. She patted her shoulder and felt her shiver.

This was someone who had obviously been through a lot.