A/N: Oh hi there. So, you stuck with me long enough to read the end. That's very nice of you.


-The whole story was written in a day. I later revised each chapter.

-All of the forest fairies have Irish names while Saga is from Norse Mythology. This is a little bit to show cultural differences between the two fairy types.

-The words I misspelled more often were fairy/fairies and smiled. I don't know why.

-Devin was originally a lot more girly and Saga was serious.

-The framing device of Calliope narrating was something I ripped from an older story I never published. Honestly, it fitted this story better.

-Chapter 1 was the only chapter that didn't get revised at all.

-While revising chapter 3, Aiofe and Darina switched jobs. I thought having the ditzy blond as The Cook's assistant was highly unlikely.

-Speaking of which, The Cook's lack of a real name has a reason. It's because she's so awesome.

-Still on that subject. I didn't have a proper opportunity to write it in, but The Cook and Flannan are married and they own the diner together.

-One more thing. The diner was originally a bistro but I thought it didn't fit The Cook's personality.

-I still haven't figured out the mechanics of fairy reproduction so don't ask.


Q: Will there be a continuation?

A: Yuppers. I'm writing backstory oneshots for three characters and a side story involving a character I won't name here. I will also probably post a few DevinXSaga fluff oneshots. Though, if you want a direct sequel it will probably be a while.

Q: Are the side characters going to show up again?

A: Anyone who got a name is going to reappear.

Q: When did this story take place?

A: It started July 3.

Q: I was promised centaur accountants in the first chapter.

A: I'm sorry.

Q: What's The Cook's real name?

A: It's a secret.

Q: Does Flannan know?

A: The characters know, it's a secret for you. Her name doesn't even matter that much given everyone calls her by her title.

Q: Even Flannan?

A: Only on the job. She was actually the first person to start it.

Q: Wait, how much backstory do the side characters have?

A: A lot. You'll see glimpses of it in two of the oneshots I'm writing.

Q: So...Fairy reproduction.

A: Magic.

Q: What size are these fairies?

A: 15 cm average shorter than humans.

Q: Oh mighty author, may we have stats for the characters so we can fangirl?

A: Sure.


-Height- 1.45 meters/ 4'9 feet
-Age- 24
-Birthday- March 7
-Occupation- Waitress
-Marital status- Dating (Saga)
-Hair color- Blonde
-Eye Color- Amber

-Height- 1.65 meters/ 5'4 feet
-Age- 21
-Birthday- November 14
-Occupation- Police Trainee
-Marital status- Dating (Devin)
-Hair Color- Teal
-Eye Color- Green

-Height- 1. 75 meters/5'7 feet
-Age- 26
-Birthday- June 30
-Occupation- None
-Marital status-Single. Thankfully.
-Hair color-White
-Eye Color-Green

The Cook
-Height- 1.69 meters/ 5'6 feet
-Age- 32
-Birthday- May 20
-Occupation- Chef
-Marital status- Married (Flannan)
-Hair Color-Black
-Eye Color-Dark red

-Height- 1.56 meters/ 5'1 feet
-Age- 30
-Birthday- December 1
-Occupation- Diner Manager
-Marital status- Married (The Cook)
-Hair Color-Red
-Eye Color-Red

-Height- 1. 40 meters/ 4'7 feet
-Age- 24
-Birthday- January 23
-Occupation- Waitress
-Marital status- Single
-Hair Color-Blond
-Eye color- Light Blue

-Height- 1.52 meters / 4'11 feet
-Age- 24
-Birthday- April 8
-Occupation- Assistant Chef
-Marital status- Single
-Hair color-Light Blue
-Eye color- Grey

-Height- 1.70 meters / 5'6
-Age- 29
-Birthday-September 9
-Occupation- Chief of Police
-Marital Status- Single
-Hair color- Dark Brown
-Eye color- Blue

Note that the height in feet may be incorrect. I'm terrible at math and conversions.