Keep in mind I wrote this when I was twelve... so it kind of sucks. It was my first attempt at writing a dramatic twist ending. Anyways... here you go!

unrelenting, excruciating pain
coursing through my body
tightly grasping each and every nerve
a leech on bare flesh

Doubting my sanity
I brought this upon myself
yet I feel no regret

Thoughts blur together
despair, desolation, despondency
Was this worth it?
the suffering
the agony
the anguish

It was worth it
Just hold on
a little longer

Minutes, hours, days, weeks
time has eluded me

Warm tears slip past
tightly closed eyelids
trickling down pale cheeks
blazing agony licks at my being

And then it's over
the pain vanished so
swiftly, so promptly,
that I was unsure if it had
even been real at all

A lack of feeling encompasses my soul
the sweet numbness
the deadened bliss that I
craved with my whole heart

I hear a scream pierce the air
I feel a hand gently grip my own
I remember it had
been there since the beginning

Tired eyes gaze up
And see a bright face beaming back
whose eyes light with joy
He hands me a bundle.

"Look, honey," he whispers
"It's a girl."

I was a mother.

Normally I'd ask for criticism, but I think what this poem needs is some well deserved flames. (It's one of the best pieces I wrote in seventh grade, though, so I don't despise it as much as I say I do.)