Hey, this is my first really fictional (kinda) story. This was inspired by real life, and how I hate my memory. Just goes to show, how little things can turn into big things.

I'm getting permission from the person featured (kinda) to write/publish this story. I have changed the name, quite obviously, to something I hope he likes.

I didn't have school today, (Monday) and because I had absolutely nothing else to do, and I hadn't seen my friends in a while, I decided to visit my old school, who had classes, Charlotte Academy*.

I came into the school, which was in one-room school house style, and sat in the main room as the kids had the morning meeting. I didn't understand much, and got annoyed with the shirt I was wearing. It wasn't very comfortable.

The rest of the day was blurry in my later memory. I remembered that I had brought a ball of yarn, because the years I had been there, finger knitting was extremely popular. I had tangled the yarn, and a random boy who I didn't know had offered to rewind it for me. I gave it to him, and he left.

I remembered being showed through by my friend's younger sister, Lisa*. She showed me all my mostly forgotten classrooms and hallways. She told me of what had happened, and that some of my friends had left the school.

Another thing I could remember, was trying to look at the test the kids who were in my corresponding grade were taking. There were only a handful of kids, as there was for all grades 1st through 8th only about 20 kids, and I didn't know any of the things. It was a geography quiz an area near Italy and such. I couldn't answer any of it.

Finally, as I was beginning to leave, a boy showed up before me. He seemed very happy, but I wouldn't remember him very well. "I fixed your ball of yarn for you." He said to me, and he held it towards me. I looked down, and that moment somehow burned itself into the memory. I took the ball and I left.

Months later, a boy visited my school. He wasn't really in my classes, so I didn't see him much. I saw him at recess and he smiled when he saw me. "Hey, remember me?" He was so excited, but I couldn't place him in my memory at all. I was so confused. He revealed to me that he was the boy who helped me with the yarn when I visited the school. He had come to Charlotte Academy the year after I left. I learned his name also, Mack*.

I talked to him about finger knitting, but from some reason I didn't like the boy. He, maybe, irritated me. I couldn't tell why. Something about me didn't like him. It was bad, and I hoped he wouldn't come to my school.

Oh course, he did. I didn't like it, but I would never have anticipated my change of heart.

On the seventh grade graduation, a group of children was around Mack, with teary eyes. Mack himself was tearing up, about to cry. It was so touching, and we knew our whole 30 person grade, and more, would miss him.

I couldn't even look over at the group from a distance. I was going to break down crying, that my friend (at least I hoped I could call him my friend), was leaving our school a year earlier than the end of our academics, at 8th grade.

Later, after I left, I yelled an "AW, COME ON!" at myself. My friends asked me why I suddenly freaked out. I decided to explain. "Misty* and I forgot to explain our inside reference to Mack, and we're too far away to go back! "Besides, he's probably already left the school. And we totally promised to tell him at graduation…"

I remembered to e-mail him, and the next time I could remember seeing him face-to-face (almost) was when our friend CS* had a face chat with him on their respective iPhones.

Never would I have through when I barely saw that boy on that random day so long ago, that he would become such a close person to me over time.

Life is surprising like that, and I'm sure that's why people challenge coincidence.

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The * means that I changed the name slightly.

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I hope you're having a great time in your life, "Mack". :)