Mandy Halperin had had enough. It was getting late, her parents would go nuts and it was fucking creepy in the middle of the woods. Kirby Martin stuck his tongue in her ear and rammed his hand up her shirt. Okay, that was enough.

"Take me home" snapped Mandy. She shoved Kirby away and folded her arms across her chest. Kirby stared at her for a minute but it was clear she joking. He snorted and opened the car door.

"Where the Hell are you going?" shouted Mandy. Kirby was heading into the trees, unbuckling his jeans.

"I'm going for a piss." He vanished into the bushes. Mandy sighed and slumped down in the seat, muttering to herself.

Mandy looked at her watch and sighed. Where was Kirby? It didn't take ten minutes to pee behind a damn tree. Something squeaked across the roof, like an eraser across glass. Mandy looked up and frowned, more squeaking followed.

"Jesus Christ on a frigging bike, what now?" Mandy rolled down the window and stuck her head out; she looked up and screamed and screamed.