Rainey-Lee could hear people calling her name but she didn't want to wake up. Her head hurt and she didn't want to move but the voices were insistent. She opened her eyes and found herself sitting behind the wheel of a car. Rainey-Lee lifted her head and looked around, there were police everywhere and the whole clearing was flooded with light.

"Rainey-Lee, we need you to get out of the car now." That voice was starting to get on her nerves, she just wanted to go back to sleep and ignore them all.

"Come on Rainey-Lee. Tricky wants to see you." That was her mother's voice. Rainey-Lee lifted her head again and stared out the window at her mother, she was standing beside a police officer with Tricky at her feet. But what really woke her up was that the poor woman looked absolutely terrified. Rainey-Lee swallowed and fumbled at the door handle until the door swung open. She waited but none of the officers came forward to help her and neither did the paramedics that were standing around too. A sudden thump came from the roof and Rainey-Lee jumped.

"What the fuck is going on?" whispered Rainey-Lee. She swung her legs out of the car just as something squeaked across the roof; she frowned and slowly stood up.

"Don't turn around. Just walk straight towards us and don't turn around, Rainey-Lee" said the officer. Her mother was trying to smile but failing and Tricky was pulling at his leash and whining. Rainey-Lee started to walk forward, her feet felt heavy and her head was pounding. That thump came again and then the squeak. Rainey-Lee stopped as a few memories started to come back. They had been chasing the dog and found the car. There was blood and someone else was here and –

"Jasmine. Where's Jasmine?" asked Rainey-Lee. The officer took a tiny step forward and held out his hands to her.

"It's all gonna be okay, Rainey-Lee. You just come on over here and see your mum, she's worried about you." Rainey-Lee took a few more steps when that thump came again but this time, it didn't stop.

THUMP . . . THUMP . . . THUMP . . .

And that awful squeak.

"Where's Jasmine?" she asked again. The officer made the same plea but Rainey-Lee just shook her head. She turned and looked over her shoulder and her blood froze in her veins.

"Jasmine? JASMINE!" Rainey-Lee started to scream and she suddenly found that she couldn't stop, but that was okay because she didn't want to.

Sitting on top of the car was a man in a blue jumpsuit, he was covered almost head to toe in blood and was giggling to himself. In his right hand was the head of Jasmine and two more bodies were strung up from a branch hanging over the car. The thump was the man banging the head on the roof. And the squeak was from the trainers of the bodies as they swung too and fro across the roof.

Rainey-Lee screamed and screamed and screamed.