Author's note: Hey there! Here I present another poem, this time about friendship, a little dramatic and depressing one. You see, it's kind of based on real life, because I've been having many problems with my girl friends, specially with my best friend; she has been acting weird since one of my friends got herself a boyfriend, and my bff says she wants to kill said boyfriend, then she called me a "traitor" just because I'm in good terms with that guy. Now, she's been acting very weird saying she's gonna kill people, at first I thought she was playing, she's that childish, but I'm starting to think she's serious about it and it's starting to creep me out, specially today since I was talking with some other friends and she suddenly appeared and literally growled behind me and then hugged my friends and like pulled them away from me, wich totally pissed me off. I don't know what to do and I'm sorry to say all these here, but I can't tell anyone who knows us...gladly, no one knows about my FictionPress account, so all this rambling is safe here. Talking about the poem, it's very dramatic and angsty, I hope you like it. I would like to receive constructive criticism, but flames are not accepted. See ya next time!

Twisted friendship

Lies, manipulation, selfishness

That's what is left of our relationship.

You smile as if nothing is happening,

But deep down us both know that's not true.

Where did that promise of eternal friendship go?

Where did all that we've been through go?

Now you've become someone I can't recognize,

A controlling person that only breaks my heart.

I look back to the past and wonder, why is this happening,

Wonder, who are you and what did you do to my best friend?

You see me suffering and don't really care,

In fact, you like to see pain crossing my features.

You truly are a sadist and I must be a masochist,

For I can't let our friendship go, I can't let you go.

Not love nor understanding and commitment are left,

But this sickening feeling that makes me want to run.

Just as I thought, there's no wonderful relationship here,

Though there's a twisted friendship stained with blood.

I wonder, will this last until I run away…

Or will you kill me first?