Cel: Because Druce and Sebastien aren't always at each other's throats.

Druce: I just prefer it that way.

Sebastien: Aw come now we all know you love me. We are after all best friends.

Druce: *Blandly* Says you.

Cel: Well this is going nowhere fast.

Druce would admit that he thought Sebastien was….perverted. (Boy was that an understatement)

He was touchy, a manic, had no sense of personal space and was a bit of an annoyance to the Briton from time to time.

But they were friends and Druce knew that Sebastien was a much deeper person, one that had a good heart; though the Briton liked to deny it, because frankly he and Sebastien had reputations to keep up.

So when Druce happened upon a scene in the courtyard, he wisely stayed quiet and lingered out of sight, in case he was needed.

The scene was of Sebastien Zellner cuddling Achytone Orozs. The girl's body was contorted into Sebastian's arms and she cried into his chest and as the Frenchman soothingly stroked her long caramel blonde/brown hair.

They were pressed up, almost inside the International Academy's prized azalea bushes and Bash was cooing softly to the crying girl in French as he gently rocked her.

"Oh Bash what am I going to do?" The distressed Hungarian girl sobbed. "I can't do this, I should have never signed up for the Basketball Team; I'm not going to make it." She choked out, as she trembled in his arms.

Sebastien gave a sympathetic smile into Ach's hair and began to speak in English.

"Calm down, Ach. You'll be fine." He started softly.

Ach trembled in his arms and gripped his lime green pinstripe shirt harder in her shaking fingers.

"Now where is the cheerful girl that I know? The girl who can rival Artemis Stryder when it comes to energy, the girl who likes to play with Luck and usually always wins? Where the Ach that knows she's a master on the Basketball court?" Sebastien encouraged softly tilting the girl's head up so that her lagoon purple eyes could meet with his grey blue eyes.

"Vut." The girl started a bit of her Hungarian-German accent leaking through with that one word.

"No buts. You are Achytone Orozs of Szeged; Hungary. You are strong and confident and very beautiful. You're going to make the basketball team, ma cheri." Sebastien said firmly, almost as if he was daring her to disagree with him, in fact it was as if he were daring anyone to disagree with him.

From his spot amongst the tall bushes, Druce silently agreed.

Ach was a tough girl, she could walk the walk and talk the talk, and the thing about it so could Sebastien, though he rarely let that fact became known. It would ruin his frivolous flirty reputation; that he seemed to be so proud of.

Ach's green eyes welled up with tears again, and Bash carefully wiped them away, cooing softly in French again.

"You think so?" She asked tearfully. Sebastien hugged her close, stroking her hair and said.

"Oui, of course, but if you're still nervous, then I will gather up the others this afternoon, and we will look at the roster together." He promised, and that was an easily kept promise.

Druce was sure it be easy to get the ten of them together, they were only a wave, smile, tear, frown or a phone call away.

Ach burst into a fresh wave of tears and threw her arms around Sebastian's neck, 'Köszönöm' after 'Köszönöm' spilling from her mouth. Sebastien laughed a little and he let her hug him tight and he lovingly cradled her.

Druce smiled and quietly left but not before whispering.

"Bash, you have your moments."

He was unfortunate in the fact that Sebastien had somehow heard him.

Koszonom means Thank you in Hungarian.

Cel: Aww Sebastien is such a sweetheart.

Sebastien: Oui, but I can be so much more my fair boss.

Ach: Yeah I can be so much less sensitive.

Druce: You're such a manic Sebastien, stay away from the Boss. Or else.

Sebastien: Or else what mon ami? You will get jealous?

Ach: Don't ask, Druce has been waiting for a reason to cause you pain.

Cel: True but as your loving boss I don't allow it.

Druce: It's unfortunate how nice she is too you.

Cel: Aww I love you too. Now say goodbye.

Druce: Goodbye.

Ach: Búcsú

Sebastien: Au revoir