My Precious

I was running. That was all I needed to concentrate on. I didn't have time to look back on why I was foolish enough to follow my friends. I was one of the smartest students in my whole school. I had never done any kind of thing that would possibly throw me in jail. All the drugs I took were for medical purposes only. According to parents and neighbors I was the faultless ideal child. Although, I didn't understand what was running through my mind. I snuck out of my house last night just because my friends wanted me to. My friends were never the kind to do things like this. We were all well brought up young adults. Nonetheless everyone needs to run wild once in their lives. I jumped out of my window without even considering the consequences of my actions. My parents concern for me was lost with all the other things left in my room. We drove, unlicensed, to only the driver knew where. The places we stopped were never near any type of civilization. The things we did, the people we met, they were all just a blur in my memory. I ran harder, hearing my pursuer close behind me. The trees and their roots were not easily dodged at the speed and intensity of my running body. My throat and mouth were dry and I was struggling to breathe, but I kept on running. My flip-flops had long since fallen off. My pants and shirt were ripped from stray branches. My bare feet were sore from slapping the dirt and soil. I risked a glance at my follower. I could not see the figure but I could see the branches being pushed out of the way. I could also hear the thumping of either their feet on the ground, my heart in my ears or both. My stolen glance was too long. I tripped over an unseen root and fell. Everything passed before my eyes in slow motion. I could see every detail of the leaves and vines hanging on the thick trunks of the trees in front of me. The hard ground came closer and closer to my face. I shut my eyes tightly, getting ready for the crash and pain from impact. This was all my fault. I deserved everything I was going to get. I waited for almost a minute: my connection with the earth never came. I opened one eye a tiny bit: I was not looking at the ground. In fact I was standing up right. I opened both of my eyes and tried to figure out what happened. It was then that I noticed that something was holding me up by my waist. When I looked down, I found a pale male arm. "Let go of me!" I yelled, trying to escape from his grip. It did nothing but make his grip tighter.

"Why do you run away from me, My Precious?" A cold voice whispered in my ear. It sounded like a young kid, but I knew that it was much older. "My Precious could get really hurt if she ran."

"I said let go of me!" I tried even harder to get away. I wanted to be home. I wanted to be tucked up nice and warm in my bed. I wished I had never come. I wished I had used the smarts I was given to tell my friends 'no', but it was all too late for it now. I gave up struggling to get away. As I did, the arm around me relaxed its grip.

"If I let My Precious go, then she will fall and hurt herself. And it won't do me any good if My Precious got hurt, now would it?" This man was starting to scare me. I hated the fact that he was referring to me as 'his precious'. I don't belong to any man.

"Who are you?" I whispered with a little anger in my voice. He didn't seem to notice my anger, or if he did he didn't care.

"My Precious already knows who I am." I could hear the smile in his voice. The man pulled me closer to him. I could feel his chest rising and falling with air from our run. However his heart was calm, beating as slow as one would if they were sleeping. I tried to think of someone who would be doing this to me, but no one came to mind.

"What do you want?" I had to ask, even though I knew he wouldn't answer. It just seemed to be the thing that you had to ask a kidnapper.

"Why does My Precious ask questions she already knows the answers to?" He rested his chin on my shoulder. This man was freaking me out. He was right of course; I knew exactly what he was going to do to me. He was going to kill me. I would be murdered before I even turn fifteen, and nobody would ever find my body. "My Precious isn't thinking right. I would never kill My Precious. My Precious will never be hurt, not while I still live." This guy was reading my mind! What else had he figured out by my thoughts? "Will My Precious walk with me or is she too tired from her run that I have to carry her?" The smile returned to his voice. I didn't want either of those options. What I did want, was to go home and sleep all of this away and never think of it again. Before I could say anything to my kidnapper, his other arm snaked its way around my knees and lifted me up. I didn't seem to weigh anything to him. "I will love My Precious forever. What about you? Will My Precious always love me?" He asked as he started to walk off, with me secure in his arms. I didn't know where he was taking me and I, truthfully, didn't care. For the first time in my life …I felt…safe.