This is a concept poem I wrote this summer for a writing workshop I went to with my grandmother. There were seven people there, and I was the only one under age 60! :O Anyways, enjoy!

Written 2011.06.23

Two sides of a Rainbow

Life is pink
Calming gardens brimming with flowers,
A pale sunrise marking the day's beginning.

Life is yellow
Bumblebees buzzing through the summer air,
The glowing ball of light warming our planet.

Life is green
Endless leaves of lush forests,
Lively grasshoppers whose cries fill the night

Life is blue
Endless skies above our world,
Cerulean waves rippling through the ocean

Life is red
Fallen leaves the color of autumn,
Liquid life coursing through our veins

Life is purple
The eerie sky moments before a fierce storm,
Majestic mountains towering over the land

Life is white
Icy landscapes cloaked in pristine snow,
Billowing clouds floating over our heads.

Life is black
Encompassing darkness of undiscovered places,
Midnight skies dotted with shimmering flecks of light.

Life is orange
Fluttering wings of energetic butterflies,
A vivid sunset marking the day's end.

Life is a rainbow
An intricate web of color,
A brilliance that can only be seen.
But if you'd look close enough,
You'd see

Life is pink
Piles of makeup that plaster the face,
A racy cover of another cheap movie

Life is yellow
Glittering jewelry worn to impress,
Greasy fries atop an overflowing trash can

Life is green
Bundles of money in the greedy man's pockets,
A lifeless heap of plastic in a decorative pot

Life is blue
A mass of identical business suits,
Recycle bins forgotten in the corner

Life is red
Bloody stains from last night's bar brawl,
A puddle of wine amidst broken glass

Life is purple
Bruises hidden behind a thick sweater,
Ultraviolet lights at a racy nightclub

Life is white
A bottle of pills clutched in pale hands,
The glow of a screen in the early hours of morning

Life is black
Tangled pile of cords and wires,
Rubber tires on cold pavement

Life is orange
A sickly glow of the street's neon lights,
Bowls of fatty chips and buffalo wings

Life is a rainbow,
A muddled mess of color,
A dullness that can't be ignored.
But if you'd only look beyond,
You'd see

There are two sides of the rainbow.

Originally this was formatted differently, but FP has a weird document system, so I adapted it the best I could. I hope it was still alright though! (my dad read this; he didn't like how I put buffalo wings in the 'bad' section. XD)